6 Beautiful Beachfront Hotels In Miami, USA

Miami is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beachside cities in the world. So to truly soak in the experience, you’ll want to find a hotel on the beach that offers great amenities, as well as ocean views. Here are a few examples of some hotels that will offer a memorable and breathtaking experience on your vacation.

Early morning on the beach near the Novotel.

6 Beautiful Beachfront Hotels in Miami.

1. The Setai

Extravagant hotels don’t come cheap, and the Setai is no different. However, if you have a bigger budget, this is definitely the best place to relax. Garnering more awards than Lebron James, the heralded hotel has every amenity you could ever want. Each suite averages an unreal 600 square feet and is equipped with a hot tub. Setai also offers a serene stretch of private beach and comfortable lounge chairs for you to soak up some sun and get away from it all.

2. The Shore Club

If being seen with the in-crowd is something that is at the top of your priorities, the Shore Club is the place to be. Stepping foot outside the grounds is completely unnecessary. With an on-site nightclub, the delicious Nobu sushi restaurant, an infinity pool, and private beach access, there’s no reason to venture outside of the beach club. If you’re lucky, you’ll even catch a famous entertainer sunbathing next to you. The Shore Club regularly attracts celebrities from all industries.

3. Fontainebleau

Another Miami Beach hotspot is Fontainebleau, which contains 11 restaurants and nightclubs. This lavish hotel is ranked #1 by users on Gogobot and offers a 40,000 square foot spa for you to be completely pampered. Rooms include flat screen televisions, a premium sound system with an iPod dock, and wireless internet access. With entertainment for the whole family, Fontainebleau has some of the best ratings in Miami.

4. Loews

Family friendly excursions are sometimes difficult to plan in the party hub of Miami. However, Loews in Miami Beach has the perfect venue for a family vacation. The full-service hotel, ranked in the top 10 by Parents Magazine for family beach adventures, offers its guests a plethora of services catered to families, such as a large kids pool, kids camp, and an ice cream parlor. While you’re off enjoying the sunshine with your spouse, let the kids socialize at SushiSkool, where they’ll learn the art of rolling sushi.

My luxury room at the Mad Hatter Hotel.

Luxury Hotels in Miami, USA.

5. The Savoy

Although it’s currently undergoing a multi-million dollar restoration, the Savoy still offers a luxurious experience, but on a smaller scale. Rather than having over 500 rooms like some of their competitors, they offer many of the same amenities, but with only 80 suites. If you want to experience your beach front vacation in style, you’ll have to book early. With over 2 acres of tropical landscaping surrounding a twin deck pool, this vacation spot is the perfect place to avoid the crowds.

6. The Shelbourne

One of the oldest hotels in Miami, the Shelbourne is a delight for those that love the unusual. The exterior is draped in Art Deco architecture while the interior offers 1 and 2 bedroom suites, or even private cabanas on the beach. This historic hotel celebrates the culture of South Beach, immersing you in the arts and music the city has to offer.


No matter where you decide to spend your days in Miami, you can’t go wrong with these excellent options. Your relaxation begins after you make your reservation. Your only decision to make now is which cocktail you’ll have next.

Safe travels.

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