7 Tips To Help You Fishing Without Draining Your Wallet

You can save money by buying only the basic equipment, reusing old soft plastics & baits, use lead weights, re-tie often, and use treble hooks.

7 Tips To Help You Fishing Without Draining Your Wallet

7 Tips To Help You Fishing Without Draining Your Wallet

Fishing is amazing and allows you to spend more time outdoors to enjoy the fresh air.

However, fishing requires a lot of skills and equipment. It even takes a decent amount of time to learn all the basics of fishing. The most common equipment you will need is life preservers, rods, and reels. But if you are a fishing enthusiast you will also need to count costs for trolling motors and boats. These basic materials can cost you about $2500. Fancier options will cost you over $10,000.

The famous fish monument in Cressy

This makes fishing look like an extremely expensive hobby but of course you can get help from very useful websites such as BuyersImpact.co.uk. The equipment can indeed be costly but you can also find quality tools at reasonable prices and there are plenty of other ways to continue your fishing streak without breaking the bank.

Here are some of the ways you can enjoy fishing cost-effectively.

1. Prepare Yourself Before The Fishing Season

The opening day of the season is pretty exciting but things can get overwhelming very soon. There are tons of new gadgets and amazing fishing equipment that will all look promising.

You may also love to get your hands on them but be careful since it is the opening day, it is likely that you are going to be charged way more than usual.

Greg Rodgers fishing in Alaska

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This is quite stressful, Due to the opening day of the season, and all the advertisements, you may feel a sudden urge to buy every item.

But you do not need all that fancy equipment. All you need is a license, durable surf fishing rods, and reel, baits, lures, and lines. 

For instance, you do not need all types of hard baits, you will be fine with a few simple ones like the crawfish or shad. If you are looking for something brighter then go for chartreuse.

You also have to decide in advance whether or not you want a boat. If so, then you also need a life preserver. According to the most effective fishing tips for beginners it’s best to get all these items before the fishing season to avoid clever marketing traps.

2. Save In Between The Season

You have to think practically. Try fishing from the shore or use a paddling canoe. You may not even need to use a motorboat to cross several lakes and reach one particular spot for fishing.

Learn about the lakes in your area or one close by to save you from long trips. Hopping on a boat can be cool for travelling but it will reduce your fishing time.

And speaking of the local area, make sure you know everything about the local laws and security information like life vest requirements.

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If you are going out to the lake or the shore for a longer period don’t forget to make homemade meals a part of your packing list for your fishing trip. It will save you time and trouble.

You can also try cooking shore meals during your breaks. Cooking by the shore near a remote area can be an amazing experience. Always have your backup bread, butter, and jam just in case the fish does not taste up to the mark.

3. Cost Effective Way To Store Fish

Some people store fish in the freezer and others only catch as much as they can eat in a day. If you can smoke the fish and then do it. This allows you to store northern pike and catfishes more easily.

You can use a freezer or try a cheap canning method.

Browse through garage sales to find canning supplies at a cheap price and if possible get your hands on a dehydrator. You can get plenty of jars and canning supplies, a dehydrator with several inserts, and multiple trays in clearance at a reasonable price.

You can save a lot if you use canning methods and spend the extra money on other fishing accessories.

4. Reuse & Repair The Soft Plastics

Soft plastics are commonly used as baits for bass. You will be surprised to know that these little accessories do not come cheap. The best option would be to reuse them.

In case it is damaged, you can use super glue to patch it up and it will be good as new.

5. Use Treble Hooks

Some people discard their old or used hard bait simply because the original hook has become rusty or dull. You can spend only a couple of bucks to buy some treble hooks, some split ring pliers, and give your hard baits a new life.

6. Do Not Be Lazy About Re-tying

Generally, you have to re-tie if the knot is there for more than 24 hours, or else it might break under the pressure.

But the more distressing part about it is losing your lure and that can often be costly. If you are careless or lazy about tying the lure then you will be losing more than you normally would.

Re-tying often allows you to save on that unnecessary cost and it does not take long to do so.

Jonny Blair living a lifestyle of travel in Shinying shrimp fishing

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7. Determine If You Really Need Tungsten

Tungsten weights are sturdy and allow you to better understand if there is a bite. They also come in a compact size and highly effective in fishing.

But these weights are very expensive. If you are fishing in tournaments then you can spend on a tungsten weight but if it is just for fun you will be saving some money with average lead weights.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are fishing just for the thrill of it or you are a real enthusiast, these tips will help you enjoy the goodness of fishing without draining your wallet. All you need are basic tools, a keen eye for equipment, and the skill to enjoy fishing.

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