Backpacking in Bulgaria: Videos From Sofia, The Capital

Down the years I have lost hundreds of photos and videos. It simply happens when you travel hardcore. I have lost cameras, broken cameras but the main company to blame is Apple computers. They basically lost most of my photos that I have lost in life. Some countries did worse than others. So much so that I never really wrote anything decent about Bulgaria. I had a top 5 bars articles lined up for three different cities – Veliko Tarnovo, Sofia and Plovdiv. None have yet to see the light of day. I also had best backpacking sights for all three of those cities – again – I lost the photos. The only ones that remain are those that appeared on my blogs or social media at the time – thank goodness for that. Here are some of those photos that survived.

Sightseeing in Sofia, Bulgaria.


32 Levya for the ticket from Sofia to Skopje.

Hanging out with Nick and Julia at the 10 Coins Hostel in Sofia, Bulgaria.

10 Coins: Coolest Hostel in Sofia, Bulgaria

A welcome snack and drink in 10 Coins Hostel, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ruins in Sofia, Bulgaria

Ruins in Sofia, Bulgaria

Luckily just after my time in Bulgaria, I uploaded most of those videos to YouTube and so here they are, all from December 2014, my one and only trip to Bulgaria to date. Northern Ireland have been drawn in the same World Cup qualifying group as Bulgaria for Qatar 2022, so maybe I will head back there to ensure I backpack the same sights but this time have photos to prove it!

Romania to Bulgaria border crossing
Bulgaria to Northern Macedonia border crossing
10 Coins Hostel, Sofia
Old Town Hostel, Plovdiv
Top Sights Without Photos, Plovdiv
Dinner at Shtastlivetsa, Veliko Tarnovo
Comfort Hotel, Veliko Tarnovo

My Bulgaria videos –

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