10 Tips To Make Sure You Are Ready To Travel To Peru

Before traveling, select the right time, carry your passport at all times, pack both warm & light clothes, take trekking shoes, and pack healthy snacks.

machu picchu

10 Tips To Make Sure You Are Ready To Travel To Peru

Peru is one of those hidden gems that is rich in culture and vibrant in nature. This attracts tourists from all around the world. We are not going to talk about how amazing Peru is since you already know

Christmas in Peru - Inca Trail Day 3

Christmas in Peru – Inca Trail Day 3

Rather we are going to give you some handy tips to make sure your visit to Peru is even more worthwhile.

1. Exchange The Cash Before Going To Peru

This is a great way to reduce monetary stress. You can either convert your money to Peruvian currency either in your country or in Peru.

Exchange The Cash Before Going To Peru

Exchange The Cash Before Going To Peru – Peruvian Soles

But it is better to convert the money while you are still in your country, so as not to worry about exchanging money in Peru and can fully enjoy your trip.

You can also use credit cards, but as the exchange rate is high, it is better to use cash.

2. Identify A Preferable Weather

Well, the weather of Peru is generally warm, but the country can be separated into three temperate zones. The Coastal region has summer from September to March and from April to mid-September it is winter.

Next is the Andes Region, where there is heavy rainfall from November to March. The winter remains from April to mid-October, and it gets very cold during this time.

On the Inca Trail in 2010

The third region is the Amazonian jungle. The atmosphere here is hot and humid all year round. So, wherever you go, it is best to bring sunscreen creams and sunglasses as the sun can become merciless from time to time.

That is why it is always better to check with an authentic Peru Travel Guide to find out the right time to visit this amazing country.

At one of our campsites on the Inca Trail in Peru, 2010

At one of our campsites on the Inca Trail in Peru, 2010

3. Make Sure Your Bags Aren’t Overweight

As with most airlines and train services, there is a restriction on how much luggage you can carry and what you can take with you. So it is wise to check these restrictions. Generally, the restriction is limited to 23 kg or 50 pounds per person, so ensure that your luggage does not get overweight.

Tuesday's Travel Essentials: My New Rucksack - An Osprey Aether 70

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: My New Rucksack – An Osprey Aether 70

4. Pack Both Light & Warm Clothes

Peru has significant altitude differences. What you are going to wear on your visit depends on where you are staying, and when you are traveling.

Poncho loyal on the Inca Trail in Peru

Poncho loyal on the Inca Trail in Peru

As Peru has a very diverse set of climates, you should carry warm clothes with you and try camping because you will love it.

Bring umbrellas as well, because the rainfall can be intense sometimes.

If you are going to travel a lot, simple t-shirts will suffice, but if you want to go to swimming pools, bring a swimsuit with you.


5. Bring Sturdy Trekking Shoes

If you visit Peru, then you are going to visit the ancient Meso-American cities like Machu Picchu.

These ancient areas are located in difficult terrains and without proper gear, it will be very tough to venture into these areas especially if you want to take on the Inca trail. Get a pair of trekking shoes that will help you to move around and also keep your feet warm. For dwelling in the city, sandals will suffice.

The Backpackers Guide to the Inca Trail by Jonny Blair

6. Always Carry Your Passport & Essential Documents

According to Peruvian laws, no matter where you go, you must always keep your passport with you. Depending on where you are, you might also need a visa. If by any chance you have a health issue and use medication then bring your medical records with you too.

Having Travel insurance can also ensure a safer journey that will cover any unexpected expenses.

7. Pack Healthy Snacks Before Trekking & Climbing

If you are in Peru for a casual visit and you are not going to move a lot, then some casual restaurants can help you with your hunger.

Eating on the move in China - bananas in Yunnan Province.

Eating on the move in China – bananas in Yunnan Province.

However, if you are willing to move a lot, especially at high altitudes, you should try to eat nutritious and natural food as much as possible and avoid food that contains a large quantity of sugar.

Carry dried fruits and nuts with you on your journey. Water is very essential so do not forget to have sufficient water with you.

8. Bring Your Toiletries & Personal Care Items

Although all hotels provide shampoos and soaps, it is better to bring your shampoo, soap, brush, toothpaste.

If you are visiting during the rainy season, there will be mosquitoes during the nighttime, so bringing insect repellent will be of great help.

Superb range of fresh toiletries at Casa Morada.

Toiletries loyal.

9. Medication and Supplements

You need to bring prescriptions for the medications you are currently taking, but you might also get sick while you are in Peru.

The most common form of sickness people feel is altitude sickness, as the popular places are generally over 3000 meters higher than sea level.

Normally, your body will adjust to the elevation change after a few days but if it does not, you will need additional supplements. There are various medicines suggested by WHO if such cases arise, and you can also take normal herbs to put your body at ease.

10. Try Out Peruvian Dishes

If you want to try Peruvian traditional dishes, many restaurants can provide you with authentic Peruvian delicacies. As mentioned before, you can enjoy all the food if you want if you are going for a casual visit.

Friday's Featured Food: Cuy al Horno (Roasted Guinea Pig)

Friday’s Featured Food: Cuy al Horno (Roasted Guinea Pig)

But if you mainly want to travel, it is best to save the heavy food for the last day. Make sure you carry bottled water since tap water is not recommended.

Now, the best thing you can do to prepare yourself is to have a positive outlook and a fresh mindset. You always need to stay positive and have patience. The terrain and environment can be tricky and might put you under excessive stress, but you should have a positive attitude towards these tough conditions, only then you will be able to enjoy Peru and all the beauty it offers.

Final Thoughts

South America has a lot of beautiful countries and a lot of beautiful places to visit. Peru happens to be one of them which not only has natural beauty like the amazon rainforest or the beaches but also historical wonders. So, if you are planning on traveling afar, consider going to Peru and you will not regret that decision.

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