Peru For Less! Gotta Love the Inca Trail…


machu picchu

Peru for Less can help you live your dreams – here’s our group doing Machu Picchu! Amazing!

If you’ve followed me on my YouTube Channel, you’ll know how much I love to make random “on the road videos” (almost 5,000 travel videos since 2007!) well today I got reminiscing about the Inca Trail (I did it back in 2010) and came across a cool site in Peru/ South America. A bit of an introduction first for you. The company is called Peru For Less and they offer a load of customisable tour options including the Inca Trail of course ( ). Here’s their latest video…

When I did the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in 2010, I raved about it! Well, here in 2013 I have to say that it is STILL one of my travel highlights and while I share my stories, I want to inspire you to get out there and see it. Head to Peru and do the Inca Trail. It’s completely epic. Four days of travel bliss. Great views, food, history, friends and away from that world of offices that your university lecturers told you was your future! Sod that…here’s a few of my own highlights from the Inca Trail!

peru inca trail

Our group munching our dinner on the first night of the Inca Trail in Peru!

1. Dead Woman’s Pass

It was so misty I couldn’t even see the “dead woman”, but we hiked to the peak at Warmiwanuska on the second day of the Inca Trail, before an easy downward hike to our base. Read my full post here: Dead Woman’s Pass

dead womans pass jonny blair

My view walking down from Dead Woman’s Pass at Warmiwanuska!

2. Winaywayna

Imagine partying in the middle of the Peruvian mountains on Christmas Eve with Men at Work and Paul McCartney songs blasting out, plus a Christmas Dinner! That’s what I did on the third night of the Inca Trail. A tad immense! Here’s my post on it: Christmas Eve at Winaywayna

peru inca trail

Our crowd having a party at Winay Wayna base on the 3rd night of the Inca Trail! In the darkness of the valleys…

3. Machu Picchu

And there it was, on my fourth day, covered in mist and clearing itself into the solemn sky. The lost city of the Incas, known today as Old Mountain or Machu Picchu. That moment. Loved it.

machu picchu peru jonny blair

That moment!! Arrival at “Misty Peek at You” or Machu Picchu, PERU!

Cannot recommend the Inca Trail enough, or South America, just click on my link to find all my posts, I covered it in some detail! Gotta love the Inca Trail!

My Entire Inca Trail Posts – Jonny Blair, Don’t Stop Living

4 thoughts on “Peru For Less! Gotta Love the Inca Trail…

  • We luckily found Coca Tours online a good while prior to our trip, so we were able to mold our itinerary quite a few times untill we though it was perfect for our time in Peru. Everyone was especially attentive to our wishes and was always promptly ready to answer to our questions, as well as very flexible.

  • Hi Bmiranda, Thanks for the comment. Yes, Coca Tours were great – I used them in Bolivia but for Peru for sure check out Peru for Less or Cuzco Explorers. Safe travels. Jonny

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