Northern Ireland Football Internationals Born Abroad

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I tried to add this one to Wikipedia but it was rejected as they didn’t believe me. Wikipedia are stuck up in their own ego thinking they know better than everyone else. So I’ll post it here instead. This is a list of Northern Ireland international footballers who have represented Northern Ireland/Ireland (the 1880 original Ireland) at full level but were born outside Northern Ireland. B internationals, under 21s etc. are not counted.

Northern Ireland Football Internationals Born Abroad

Northern Ireland Football Internationals Born Abroad

This list is incomplete, but I will gradually get it updated. England is perhaps not surprisingly the country that has provided the most Northern Ireland internationals born abroad. English born players have also represented Wales, Republic of Ireland and Scotland to name but a few.

Also in 1998, Dele Adebola (born in Nigeria) was included in the Northern Ireland squad to face Slovakia at Windsor Park. Adebola was included in the squad and in the match programme, though he never played for Northern Ireland.

Note: A total of 124 players’ birthplaces remain untraced at this time, the majority from the earliest days of the Ireland national team. It is possible that a small number of these will have been born outside of (Northern) Ireland.

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