Business Travel Essentials for 2021

Though business travel remains off-limits for most companies, some are making plans to resume ordinary business travel in early-2021. If such is the intent of your current employer, the time to prepare is now. While they’ll be the ones making the arrangements, you’ll be the one doing the traveling. It’s essential to plan ahead.

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With this in mind, let’s take a look at five business travel essentials for 2021:

Comfortable shoes

While the vast majority of miles traveled will be done via airplane or motor vehicle, business travelers cover much ground by foot. Whether it’s the distance from the ticket counter to the departure gate, standing in line in security, or the route from the front desk to your hotel room, your feet will be doing a lot of work. A pair of business casual shoes for women or men are essential for successful business travel in 2021. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with sore feet for the entire trip, and who wants that?

hiking in yunnan mountains

Hiking in the Yunnan Mountains of China last year, worst looking pair of shoes but comfy.

Face masks

Business travelers in 2021 will be expected to wear face masks for most of the time they are traveling. Since masks are meant to be used once before being thrown away or washed, it’s imperative to bring multiple masks on your trip. We recommend packing two reusable cloth masks for every day of travel plus one 10-count pack of disposable masks. That way, you’ll have a clean one ready at all times.

mask loyal

Mask loyal

Hand sanitizer

Though no substitute for proper handwashing with soap and water, hand sanitizer is useful for those times where you’re far away from a faucet. Two travel-sized bottles should be more than enough, but bring as many as you think will be necessary. Since hand sanitizer doesn’t remove bacteria and viruses from the skin, it’s vital to remember to wash your hands several times a day. Besides, hand sanitizer leaves a sticky residue, so handwashing is essential for getting rid of that uncomfortable film.

Alcohol wipes

Whether it’s the armrests of an airport terminal chair or the table of a quick service outdoor restaurant, there are many surfaces you’ll encounter during business travel that require some necessary cleaning. Use alcohol wipes with no less than 70% alcohol to help kill any pathogens on these and other shared surfaces. When combined with hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes reduce the chances of coming into contact with any infectious particles during your travels.

Durable luggage

Many people make the mistake of thinking all luggage is the same. From size to security to strength, many factors vary from one piece of luggage to another. Business travelers want to find models with rollers and durable siding to withstand the abuse of going through the checked luggage experience. Many models come with USB ports and batteries to allow for device charging even if you can’t find an available outlet.

Most business travel plans got put on hold for 2020. However, many companies are gearing up to resume regular business travel for 2021. If that’s in the works for you, it’s vital to prepare accordingly. After all, it’s you who’ll be taking all the risk.

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