Travel Prep Reminders for When Things Return to Normal

Travel plans have been put on hold indefinitely for millions of people around the world. While it seems hard to believe now, things will return to normal at some point. And when they do, it’s safe to say global travel will resume.

Travel Tips: Things To Consider When Moving Abroad

Travel Tips: Things To Consider When Moving Abroad

If it’s been over a year since your last travel experience, your inevitable return might be fraught with peril. Awareness and preparation will be essential for ensuring things go smoothly.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some useful prep and advice for those hoping to resume travel in 2021: 

Small things slip through the cracks

Packing for a trip means worrying about what you’ll forget to bring. However, people are often so preoccupied with remembering the big stuff they overlook small things that are often just as important. For example, a musician on tour won’t forget his guitar, but what about his guitar picks, straps, and strings? He doesn’t want to land in Lisbon only to find out these things were left back home in Hoboken.

jonny blair playing guitar in montevideo uruguay

Playing guitar in Montevideo, Uruguay!

Pocketed items are ill-advised

Have you ever wondered what’s holding up the airport security line? It might be someone who still hasn’t gotten the memo about bringing liquids on planes, but it could also be someone had something in their pocket when they went through the body scanners. Even something as small and seemingly insignificant as the abovementioned guitar pick will result in being stopped and physically searched by security personnel. With this in mind, do yourself and your fellow travelers a favor and keep your pockets utterly empty until after you’ve gotten through the security line.

You won’t get far without a mask

Most experts expect face mask requirements to be in effect for the entirety of 2021, even after things start returning to normal. Face coverings will be required in every airport, onboard every aircraft, and presumably required in most other settings encountered by modern travelers. It’s for your health and safety and the health and safety of others, so regardless of your personal thoughts and feelings about masks, remember they will be non-negotiable components of your 2021 travel experience.

mask loyal

Mask loyal

You won’t get far with a fever

Chances are most airports, airlines, and customs agencies will implement infrared temperature checks before letting travelers proceed with their travel plans. With this in mind, think twice before doing any traveling while feeling under the weather. You should be doing that anyway for the sake of public health, but consider the inconvenience of getting to your destination only to be told your body temperature is too high to be allowed entry.

Airfare will never be cheaper

Have you always dreamed of visiting Nepal, New Zealand, or some other faraway place? Assuming these and other countries eventually reopen their borders to foreign travelers, the airfare prices to get to these places will be rock bottom for the first six months or so. With this in mind, budget-conscious travelers should give considerable thought to taking advantage of these great deals before they disappear.

Most readers currently can’t – or won’t – embark on any travel adventures in the near future. However, it’s inevitable we will get to see the world once again. When that time comes, you’ll want your travel plans to go off without a hitch.

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