7 Unique and Unusual Attractions of Malaysia

Summiting Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia, Borneo, 2013

7 Unique and Unusual Attractions of Malaysia

Malaysia, Southeast Asian country is a hot spot when it comes to tourist destinations. It is world-famous for its white sandy beaches, amazing rainforests, and exciting culture with diverse influences. Hundreds and thousands of tourists and travelers arrive at the capital, Kuala Lumpur, and make good use of the KLIA express ticket promotion for the fastest airport transport. One can book airport coach to reach the center of the city and to their hotel, enjoying a fast and convenient transport with minimum wait times.

Why not explore some of the most unique and extraordinary attractions Malaysia has to offer?

Exclusive Attractions of Malaysia

  1. The alien landscape of Gunung Mulu- Climb the Gunung Mulu to get an amazing view of the surrounding landscape that seems like meant for the aliens. Countless sharp rock spires spike out from the earth and make a stunning vista. Those rock spires were created as the soft limestone got worn away. As you climb, you come across several caves, waterfalls, and rainforests. Keep in mind that it may take a couple of days to reach the top.
  2. Exotic dishes of Malaysia- Malaysian food is simply loved by all, and there are some unique cosines that indeed make the gastronomic experience a lot more specials. While here, you must try out local delicacies like butterfly pea flower, 3- d jelly cakes, Sea Grapes, and more. These dishes are as colorful as their names and very pleasing to the taste buds.
Eating at Batu Caves

Friday’s Featured Food: Malaysian Curry at Batu Caves

3.Flashing fireflies of Kampung Kuantan – If you have never seen tens of thousands of fireflies blinking and flashing together, well, you can certainly do so at Kampung Kuantan. Also known as the sychronicity, because of the mysterious phenomenon, the fireflies can even blink in flawless unison for several minutes and in a natural rhythm. It is indeed a rare sight to see so many simultaneously blinking fireflies that put on a superb display in Kampung Kuantan.

4.Banjaran Hot Springs for health and fitness- The Banjaran Hot Springs are a special attraction for tourists looking for unique experiences. Take a dip in the geothermal hot springs and enjoy being at one with nature. Find yourself surrounded by water and the calming sounds of nature. All you need to do is take a 15-minute drive from Ipoh City to reach those reinvigorating pools of wellness.

5.A scenic stroll on the Langkawi Sky Bridge – The Langkawi Sky Bridge is not only an impressive engineering feat but has fast become a unique attraction for the tourists. One feels strange as they take a walk on the bridge and over the lush Gunung Mat Chinchang forests and at about 000 feet above sea level. The bridge indeed looks very precarious and futuristic, and one needs to take an easy to follow trek for about 3 hours to reach the summit of Gunung Mat Chinchang to enjoy the unique attraction of Malaysia.

6.A European feel in Bulkit Tinggi – Head towards the small town in Bentong, which is well famous for its salubrious weather and European architecture. The theme of Bulkit Tinggi town is based on a village in France, Colmar Tropicale. The charming town is sure to capture your heart once you discover its wonderful atmosphere and opportunities for exploration.

7.Adopt a baby Orangutan- You must visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sabah and can even adopt a baby orangutan. Spend a day here looking at those orangutans in their natural habitat and know how to take good care of them. Do something good for these animals and provide support for them in any form.

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