8 Simple Tips to Combat Flight Anxiety and Help You Relax

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If every time you board a plane you become a complete anxious mess, then maybe it’s time you should you think of ways to overcome your fear of flying. It is a fear of one of its kind and particularly tough to combat because you need repetitions to fight your fear. A large number of people do not fly too frequently and thus fighting their flight anxiety gets tougher. Fear of flying can be caused by a number of reasons like height fear, enclosed space phobia or the threat of not being in control. Therapists often dissect out what exactly is the reason behind their anxiety and eventually zero in those problems. Here are some simple tips to combat flight anxiety and help you relax:

Extract out the triggers which set you off

Find out what actually frightens you and observe how your anxiety is trigged on the plane. Your aim to is to find out the specific triggers, so you can manage them when your anxiety levels are less. Identifying what sets you off in reality makes it simpler to actually turn it off.

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Enter in the flight with complete knowledge

Anxiety persists on ignorance and lives on “What if”? But once you get the right knowledge, your “what if” will no longer be limited by your thoughts. They will be well-defined by the facts. Once you get familiar with the facts, there will be no more ignorance. It will eliminate your anxiety and will help you manage it.

Predict your anxiety

Anticipatory anxiety is something a person experiences in prediction of a fear. According to a naturopathic doctor in Phoenix, it is more often the most severe anxiety you can experience while on a flight, but it may not be a reliable predictor of how you are going to actually feel on the flight. It is usually much higher than what you’re actually going to experience on the plane.

Differentiate between anxiety and danger

It is sometimes tough to part anxiety from danger majorly because your body gives similar reaction under both the circumstances. Try to tell yourself that anxiety brings your scary thoughts feel more likely to come and keep reminding yourself that getting anxious doesn’t mean that you actually in danger. You are secure even when you’re suffering from intense anxiety on plane.

Get a travel pillow and enjoy a calm sleep all through the flight

Taking a travel pillow with you while on a flight lowers down your anxiety to a great level. This compact sized pillow is available in several shapes. It provides comfy sleeping to anxious travelers even in a compact place like an aero plane. However, there are different things you should consider to find your comfort level of travel pillow. One of them is to select the most suitable material which matches your preference. The other things to consider are the shape of the pillow, it cushioning etc. It offers great support and comfort especially to those who suffer from anxiety on plane.


Get more knowledge of things that go bump in the plane

In order to handle anxiety when turbulence hits, get knowledge about flights and how you can manage turbulence. Concentrate on how to manage your anxiety rather than thinking about when will the turbulence end or severe will it get. Keep reminding yourself that nothing is wrong and you’re safe.

Perform relaxation exercises

Fill your lower and upper lungs with air and then exhale slowly thereby relaxing your facial muscles, stomach and shoulders. Focus on the sound of your every breath. Observe it coming and going in your body. Keep doing these exercises and your anxiety will automatically lower.

Keep distracting yourself

If you know your problem, then keep yourself surrounded with things which make you happy. Load your iPad with pictures of old times. Listen to your favorite relaxing music albums. Take your favorite book out and commence reading. Check out the map route of the journey you are undertaking. These things will keep you distracted.

These 8 points will help you easily combat your anxiety and travel safely on plane. Do not be scared, it is just a trip that you’re making.

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  • Very lovely written and informative just bookmark the blog please keep sharing more in future and thanks for the efforts this time.

  • Hi Jane, thanks for the comment. Depression sure is tough, all caused by a nasty spate of lies. Safe travels and good health to you. Jonny

  • These tips are really great ! I must say that anyone going through anxiety and depression can be helped by this. But the most important point I liked that you mentioned is calm sleep. Sleep is really necessary for improving your mental health.

  • I’m amazed you sum up all of this, I know someone dealing with this situation right now and this will be a great help as a reference. Thank you for the share!

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