5 Celebrities Share Their Favorite Hangouts in New York City, USA

Backpacking in New York City, USA in 2007.

New York City is one of the most popular destinations in the world for its lively environment and the long list of attractions. Most people want to stay busy in The City That Never Sleeps and visit the most popular places in different neighbourhoods. Celebrities are known for residing in New York City and have a few favourite places to hang out. Here are a few celebrity favourites, where you might even run into your favourite A-lister or wacaday joint.

  1. Magnolia Bakery

According to nyeater.com, Magnolia Bakery is a hot spot to see celebrities while getting a sweet treat. The establishment is located in West Village and is known for their fresh cupcakes that are topped with a heaping of frosting. Celebrities like Kate Hudson and Katie Holmes are known for frequenting the location throughout the year.


Magnolia Bakery also offers decorating classes where you can learn how to ice cakes and become an expert at creating beautiful designs on baked goods.


Many tour bus companies like TopView make a stop at Magnolia Bakery where tourists can spot a glimpse of a celebrity and see the charming exterior of the building.


  1. Sing Sing Karaoke


Jason Sudeikis says, “What’s my favorite thing to do in this town? Hands down, private room karaoke. One of the most fun things about this kind of karaoke is that it’s not in front of a big group of people. You can take risks. You can finally sing that Broadway song that you have always wanted to sing.”


The karaoke bar offers hours of fun in an intimate setting where you can sing along to classics or TV theme songs. The establishment is a fun hole in the wall that is located in Manhattan and is the perfect place to celebrate a bachelorette party or go with a group of friends on a Friday night.


Julianne Hough is another celebrity that enjoys her time spent at Sing Sing Karaoke with her friends.


  1. Lure Fishbar


Chrissy Teigen is a fan of Lure Fishbar because the head chef is one of her close friends, but she’s known to dine at the restaurant for their lettuce-wrapped hamburgers, according to instyle.com. The restaurant features a modern interior setting with a fresh fish selection that makes them one of the top seafood eateries in the city.

The setting is relaxed, which causes many A-listers to spend their time conversing with friends over a good meal that feels like a cosy escape from the city.

  1. King Cole Bar

The King Cole Bar is one of the best places to hang out with various celebrities and is located at the St. Regis hotel.

Jude Law said, “There’s something kind of old-school glamorous about the King Cole Bar at the St. Regis, with its dark leather banquettes and a long bar. You tend to have a barman in there who also knows how to mix a good drink.”

The interior of the bar is regal with antique furnishings and lavish murals painted on the walls.

  1. Battery Park

Tamron Hall’s favorite place to hang out in NYC is at Battery Park because it’s in proximity to a playground and a low-key promenade.

Hall said, “I can’t put my finger on it, but the oasis, as I call it, in the middle of the downtown shadow of Wall Street seems to calm my soul on the most hectic days.”

Exploring New York City means getting the chance to spot your favorite celebs and visit the top places where they like to hang out. You can experience different parts of the location and enjoy learning more about the culture.


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