A Few Points Students Visiting India Need To Keep In Mind

A Few Points Students Visiting India Need To Keep In Mind

Whether it is education, art, culture or other things there is no doubt that India is one of the most sought after destination. When it comes to affordable, high-quality education there are many who believe that travelling to India could be one of the best decisions one could take. However, visiting India is like visiting any other foreign country and there are a number of important things that one must take into account. If you are from a country like USA, you certainly will have to encounter a totally different culture, food habits, way of life, public transport and other such things. Hence it would be better for you to keep in mind a few important tips when visiting this beautiful country. We are sure that the information that we are going to share over the next few lines could be considered as well-thought and well-researched travel tips when one visits this country. By the way we should understand that you are not visiting merely a country but rather stepping into a sub-continent that is huge in terms of size and other attributes.

It Attracts Students Quite A Bit

India is a country with some of the most famous researchers, saints, theorists, scientists, freedom fighters. It certainly has one of the oldest cultures and the same is evident in some of the most fascinating architectural works. For example, the famous Taj Mahal is considered to be one of the wonders of the world. It attracts thousands of students from across the world for the simple reason that it has some of the best business schools, medical institutions and other such educational facilities. The cost of education is also quite competitive and therefore it could be a good destination for those students who are keen on building their academics the right way. In addition to the above, it would be a good idea to go through the following tips as far as a visit to this country is concerned.

Be Sure With Your Student Visa

Any visit to India as a student should accompany with the right visa. There are many recognized universities which offer studying facility based on which visa can be applied. It would be better to opt for multiple entry visas so that you are allowed to visit the country numerous times should the need arise. Such a visa might also help you to have in place the right travel insurance which is so very essential when visiting any foreign country.

Visa Fees And Validity

The period of visa validity would depend on the time that is required for completing the course. Hence, this time period has to be approved by the institution where you would like to see admission. Validity is calculated from the date of issue to the date of return or it could also be the date of completion of the course. The validity of the visa is totally dependent on the visa issuing authority and therefore you must always keep this in mind. The fees payable for visa to visit India and go through the educational course is also another important point that one needs to bear in mind. You have to be aware of the fact that visa fees once paid are non-refundable. Hence before you use your debit cards or credit cards to make such payment, you must be aware of the rules governing visa issue in India.

Culture And Way Of Life

Every country in the world has its own culture and way of life and India also is no exception. Hence when you are on an India tour there are a few things you must bear in mind. You must be aware that the cultures in India and USA could be diametrically opposite. India still continues to be conservative and perhaps even inward looking society. Therefore you must be sure that you are not in for a culture shock.

Health And Hygiene

Health and hygiene is another important point which you must always bear in mind when visiting this country. Yes, there is nothing wrong in trying the street food in India and you will find plenty of them. But you must know the ways and means by which you can learn to stay healthy. You must not forget to wash your hands before eating any type of food. This is because it is a congested and crowded city and being careful with ensure that you enjoy the best of it. You must wash your hands thoroughly so that the risk of contamination through hands is reduced quite significantly. Further you would always do better to have bottled water especially when you are moving around the country on some specific visits.

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Spend Some Time Understanding The Country

You also must make it a point to visit as many places of interest as you possibly can. This could include the famous golden triangle. You certainly should also try to have some personal space for you in a country that is totally different in terms of culture and habits.

Yes You Must Study

Finally you must study well because that is the reason for which you are here in this country. You would certainly have to write essays, thesis, make presentations and other such things. For this it would be better to refer to reputed online tools like Rapid Essay. These are time tested and proven and could help you in more ways than one in giving the best of presentations to your faculties.


In view of the facts mentioned above, you have to bear in mind that visiting India can be an exciting and wonderful event. However you must be prepared as best as you can for the entire visit which in many cases could be for a couple of years and even more. If you don’t have much free time to travel due to the burden of studies then you must take the help of RapidEssay to save your time. Happy travelling.

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