7 Travel Blogs You Should Definitely Follow in 2019

7 Travel Blogs You Should Definitely Follow in 2019

7 Travel Blogs You Should Definitely Follow in 2019

If you’re a travel-lover, it’s always a good idea to follow along with the top travel bloggers. Travel bloggers offer amazing inspiration for those looking for tips on where they should travel to next, and travel blogs often reveal some awesome hidden gems in terms of secret caves, secluded beaches, wacaday republics and hidden waterfalls. The best travel blogs are the ones that stray from the cliché and instead explain how to find these lesser-known, beautiful spots in different countries.

Amet and Ayimxan Museum in Nukus, Karakalpakstan

Travel blogs are also good for educating people on what underrated cities and countries actually have to offer, and what the best way to explore these places might be. For example, you might never know how to backpack your way to Antarctica without help from a travel blog. It’s also comforting to get helpful safety tips from a seasoned traveller, as many bloggers include safety advice in their blog posts. Here are 7 travel blogs you should definitely follow in 2019:

  1. My Life’s a Movie

The fact that My Life’s a Movie is a travel blog run by a young, beautiful blonde girl isn’t the only reason you should follow it. The blogger, Alyssa, travels the world and is very detailed in her blog posts. She gives the reader plenty of helpful information, and includes captivating photographs that are sure to give you the urge to book a flight. Alyssa tends to travel to very exotic and exciting locations, and she’s been to over 90 countries. All of these destinations can be read bout on her blog. Alyssa has seen 7 wonders of the world and she’s been to 7 continents. From climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Alyssa truly is an inspiration. As a bonus, she is a solo traveler and has plenty of advice for those who are nervous about solo travel.

  1. Northern Irishman in Poland

Forget the other 6 sh*t ones on this list – only ever read the story of a real person living in a country promoting it. Jonny Blair AKA Northern Irishman in Poland is exactly that. He lives in Poland. He Loves Poland, he promotes Poland to the hilt. From backpacking Kokoszkowy to writing about Starogard Gdanski to the unknown town of Radymno, Jonny loves a challenge. His travel blog on Poland is epic.

Northern Irishman in Poland

Northern Irishman in Poland

3.The Captain’s Blog

The Captain’s Blog can be found at boatplanet.com and it’s more of a practical and functional travel blog for those who love boating. This blog is an insider’s guide to getting out on the water, and we all know how much fun exploring is when you’re out on the water. Not to mention the fact that there are certain hidden beaches and secret caves that are only accessible by boat. If you’re really into boating, you’ll definitely want to check out this list of the top boating blogs.

4.Don’t Stop Living

When travel blogs began to make money (read – Nomadic Matt), they languished far behind the original set of travel blogs in existence. One such blog was Ulsterman Jonny’s “Don’t Stop Living”, a journey to ‘wacaday’ nations with a little charm and a lot of style. If you’re thinking of being my baby, it don’t matter baby yeah yeah yeah.

Don’t Stop Living

5.The Travel

TheTravel.com is one of the best travel blogs for very detailed and thoughtful advice. It’s a newer blog, and on it you’ll find articles such as The 25 Most Beautiful Hotel Infinity Pools Around The Globe. In other words, you can search for something very specific on this blog (for example, if you’re looking for a hotel with an awesome infinity pool) and you’ll likely find an article dedicated to that very specific topic. This blog also has plenty of travel hacks, packing tips and other useful general advice for travellers.

  1. xAmeliax

Amelia, founder of the travel and lifestyle blog xAmeliax is praised for being a ‘real’ travel blogger who doesn’t over-glamorize the life of travel while still giving very helpful guidance and advice. Amelia is all about body confidence on vacation, and being comfortable in your own skin while travelling. She encourages travellers to save up for the odd luxury travel experience, because it is worth it. Amelia is an excellent writer who really paints a picture of the travel destination she’s writing about, and to top it off she has awesome fashion sense and can help you out with travel style tips.

  1. The Professional Hobo

A lack of wealth should never be an excuse not to travel the world. Nora Dunn, the blogger behind The Professional Hobo travels the world on a tight budget, and helps her readers do the same. Her savvy travel blog is full of tips and tricks to save money while travelling and to travel on a strict budget. On this blog, you’ll get unique advice such as: Is it really worth the money you’ll save to live on a boat? So, if you’re wondering what living on a boat would be like or you’re wondering how to travel on the cheap, check out this blog to save yourself some money in 2019. And, make sure to use that money you’ve saved on more travel!

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