A Guide to Planning a Nashville Bachelorette Party

Nashville is one of the most perfect bachelorette locations right now, and it’s trendy.

A Guide to Planning a Nashville Bachelorette Party

Why do so many people love it for their pre-wedding celebrations? The weather is good pretty much year-round, there’s a ton of nightlife, great restaurants, and there’s a fun atmosphere that permeates the city.

Of course, there are some downsides.

One is that the prices have increased a fair amount in recent years as Nashville has become an increasingly desirable travel destination. One of the other significant downsides to prepare yourself for is the traffic.

Traffic in Nashville is tough to deal with, you have to watch out for speeding trucks, and when you’re in the city, there’s always a lot of construction and plenty of pedestrians to watch for.

If you can get past those possible pitfalls, the following are some things to know about having a bachelorette party in Nashville.

What You’ll Love

We touched briefly on some of the things bachelorette tourists love about Nashville, but to give you a few more details:

  • The nightlife is excellent, but it’s not just at night when you’ll find there’s plenty of party action. All day long starting in the morning, there is constant partying going on. You’ll hear live music pouring out of Broadway’s honky-tonks bright and early in many cases.
  • The food is fantastic, and a lot of great chefs have opened restaurants in the city. You can go with high-end fare or barbecue, and there’s plenty in between.
  • Nashville is a great town for art, including street murals that make for eye-catching social media photos.
  • The music is part of the nightlife in this country-centric town, but it also stands out on its own. For example, you may be able to see a show at the famed Grand Ole Opry.

Where Should You Stay?

There are so many options in Nashville as far as where to stay that it can end up being overwhelming. For a bachelorette party, staying close to downtown is optimal. The Westin Nashville downtown has a rooftop pool with its own party scene. There are boutique hotels like the Noelle, which is mid-century modern.

The Graduate is one of the top picks right now for bachelorette parties thanks to its pink theme and Dolly Parton 9 to 5 suite. If you can book the suite, it’s glitzy and girly just like Dolly. The suite features ceilings with disco ball tiles, shag carpet and pink feathers. Also onsite at The Graduate is White Limozeen.

White Limozeen is an indoor-outdoor restaurant and rooftop bar with skyline views of the city.

If you don’t want to stay downtown, consider heading to The Gulch. This neighborhood is buzzy and upscale, with high-end shops and hotels, and you might even spot a celebrity while you’re there.

The Hermitage is a downtown hotel with an elegant style, and they offer on-call limo service.

What to Do?

Finding things to do that are ideal for a bachelorette party in Music City won’t be a problem. The problem will be narrowing it down with a limited amount of time.

Some of the most popular things to do in Nashville for bachelorette parties or otherwise include:

  • Check out the street art. As mentioned, it’s great in Nashville. There are murals throughout the city. If you want to get the best possible pictures, consider hiring a professional photographer for a few hours to come along with your group.
  • Enjoy the history of country music. Music is everywhere in Nashville, which is what makes it such a fun, vibrant city. You might visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, which is conveniently located downtown. There’s also the Music City Walk of Fame.
  • Revel in the live music of the present, which is incredible. At any honky-tonk downtown, you might be watching the next country superstar. Also called the Honky Tonk Highway on Broadway, most of the venues don’t have a cover charge, and you’ll hear rock and other genres in addition to country. If you’re going to try and go to the Ryman or the Grand Ole Opry, you will need to book tickets in advance.
  • Go line dancing. You can book a quick class to get the basics and then head to the Nashville Palace.
  • Have a boozy brunch. Nashville restaurants do a great brunch, southern-style, so that you can indulge in favorites like chicken and waffles.

Prepare yourself because it’s pretty likely you’re going to fall in love with Nashville during your bachelorette celebrations.

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