A Smooth Office Moving Checklist

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A Smooth Office Moving Checklist

Office moving is not an easy task and neither will we make you believe the false assumption that it can be stress-free. Moving an entire working place with your complete team of employees is certainly going to be a daunting experience. You will sweat with worry but if you pay attention to planning the move smartly, then you can certainly control the pressure.

Proper planning and staying organized are two of the most crucial elements to make your office move a smooth experience. To minimize the risk of hiccups that will come along the way, we have prepared a simple guide that will let you gain control over the entire process. It is not a very huge challenge and to make sure that every step runs seamlessly, here is a step to step guide.

6 months before your office moving:

NEVER jump right away into moving your workplace. There is a lot of pre-planning that makes it a successful move. Thus, start attending to the chores and details at least 6 months before the actual move.

First things first, you need to evaluate your current lease. This is very crucial and a bit time taking too. Second, get quotations from different moving companies. Do your research. Never pick a moving service right away. Search for the best ones, take their quotes and read through their reviews. Also, ask yourself whether you need a moving coverage or not. For example, a lot of your business tasks are reliant on a specific machine and if that equipment gets damaged or broken during the move, can be a huge problem. So just to be safe than sorry, you might want to consider moving coverage.

Never make a moving decision without setting a detailed budget. You don’t want to overspend. Therefore, a budget will help you stay in line.

3 months before the move:

3 months before you actually move, you must plan the logistics. By now, you must have your new moving space ready. Make your reservation and confirm the date with the moving service that you have hired. Once you have sealed the moving date, let your current landlord know about it so they know that you will be terminating the lease soon.

After sorting out the logistics, you need to craft a plan for moving. Make a detailed checklist of all the employees involved, the equipment’s and even your internet and phone installations etc. You don’t need to manage everything alone. Assign a task to each member and create to-do lists for then don’t forget to notify everyone about the move.

Internal communication in the office is crucial but you also need to notify your affiliates, suppliers and partners about your move. If the deadlines need to be exceeded, then let them know. Even if their work won’t be hindered, it is best to notify them, just in case.

2 months before the move:

The move is just around the corner at this time and you must make a plan of where things will be placed in the new office. Keep power sockets, internet connections and machine installation in mind too. They need to be planned beforehand, by all means. Make arrangements for phone and internet connections along with setting up computer systems too.

1 month before the move:

If you are going according to the plan, you will see how smoothly things will be running. With just 30 days left in the move, you need to tag all the items. Labeling your office items will minimize the risk of losing anything in the process. Taking pictures is a great way to make claims, if needed. Provide cardboard boxes, labelling materials and tapes to employees so that they can pack their stuff easily.

Once everything is packed and all the official documentations are made; leave the rest to the office moving company. This is where your choice will make the last bit of difference. If you have made the right pick, this step will run smoothly. And if not, you will face some hiccups. Thus, make sure that you make a wise pick to reap benefits of hiring movers. It is the deal maker or breaker of the entire effort you have put in, until now.


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