The Benefits of Growing, Making, and Cooking Your Own Food

One thing that you learn from traveling and budgeting is the importance of “do it yourself” projects, and food is no exception. Making your own food and sustainably sourcing ingredients will save you a lot of money, and it’s better for the planet.

The Benefits of Growing, Making, and Cooking Your Own Food

Maybe you’ve never thought to look up something like “how to make cottage cheese”, or “sustainable foods”, but now is better than never. In more remote parts of the world, there are no processed foods, so knowing how to feed yourself from the land is imperative. These practices are beneficial wherever on the globe you are.

So, why is producing your own food such a good thing?

1 – It’s Healthier

Growing and creating your own food and meals is healthier than all the processed foods available on supermarket shelves. You’ll also eat more fruits and vegetables if they are grown in your own backyard. This way, you can eat essentially organic foods without paying extra.

The Benefits of Growing, Making, and Cooking Your Own Food

The Benefits of Growing, Making, and Cooking Your Own Food

Food is also the most nutritious at its freshest, and nothing is fresher than pulling it from the vine and eating it right then and there!

2 – You Have Control

Most store-bought produce is grown using potentially harmful (for you and the environment) fertilizers and pesticides. When you grow it yourself, you have control over how it grows and what you use to help cultivate it.

This is true of meals you make as well. Knowing exactly what ingredients go into your food, using locally sourced dairy or meat, etc. – all of this can give you peace of mind in knowing exactly what is in your food.

3 – It’s Better for the Environment

As mentioned before, a lot of produce is grown using pesticides and fertilizers that can have detrimental effects on the soil. Certain farming practices can also negatively affect the atmosphere. Even raising your own dairy cows or chickens can be a more sustainable, eco-friendly option, as you have control over how they are raised.

The Benefits of Growing, Making, and Cooking Your Own Food

The Benefits of Growing, Making, and Cooking Your Own Food

If more people grew their own food, there would significantly less fossil fuel pollution from the trucks that carry produce on long hauls cross-country as well.

4 – It Saves You Money

Ultimately, you’ll save a lot of time and money with a few initial investments. Buying the seeds for your plants is cheap and raising them is a lot cheaper than buying a bunch of products every week and throwing away the waste. Your food will last longer and you’ll be less wasteful.

You also won’t need to spend as much money on food as much as you used to, especially once you know a few good recipes.

5 – It Helps You Grow

Just like travel helps you grow as a person, so can learning about your food and how to make it for yourself. Growing food, raising animals, and making meals all require specific knowledge and experiences. You’ll learn more about your food, the environment, and likely yourself.

People have begun switching over to sustainable food methods rapidly as they gain more knowledge. Eating sustainably changes people for the better, and you could easily be one of them!


In developed countries it’s not something we often think about, but growing and sustaining your own food is a lot healthier, even if it is more time consuming. When traveling, you often encounter areas where having your own crops and food sources is the norm, and you learn how much better it is.

The time and effort you put in to making and growing your own meals pays off – in taste, in health, in money, and more. Start your own “DIY food” journey and see the difference!

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