A Town Of Murals: Touring Sheffield, Tasmania, Australia

Art is not something I particularly dig to be honest. I hardly ever visit art galleries and do find quite a lot of paintings over-rated, and some forms of art totally irrelevant and actually stupid, rather than clever. Which is why Sheffield came as a particular surprise.
Growing up in Northern Ireland you really get to appreciate wall murals. Now these murals we have (an example photo left) are all representative of the proud Catholic and Protestant history and beliefs from either side of our religious divide.
Such murals are typical on Northern Ireland’s walls, prominent on street corners and council estates. It’s part of our heritage and culture. And they look pretty. (Please note that the photo to the left and the one above are the ONLY TWO mural photos from Northern Ireland on this post. The other photos are all of Sheffield, Tasmania, Australia.)
They make Northern Ireland that wee bit different to most places on planet earth. I actually haven’t been anywhere yet that has more political wall murals than my homeland.
These ones in Sheffield aren’t political however!
But there I was in Sheffield. NO, Not that one, the boring industrial city in Yorkshire. Though I was there back in 2004 when the Cherries (AFC Bournemouth) won 2-0 in Hillsborough.
To the left of each bit of writing here I’m putting images of these murals. Sheffield’s murals.
Sheffield, Tasmania is a mountain town.
I find that this post merits far more pictures than words, for once, so hopefully you can enjoy the art.
The charm of the painted walls in Sheffield.
Sheffield is a town. It’s in the northern part of Tasmania. Pretty close to Devonport.
For some reason the local people paint all sorts of murals on the side of their houses and shops.
It’s amazingly pretty.
It’s amazingly different.
It’s incredibly neglected and overlooked.
I traveled round Tasmania and I lived and worked there for 5 months, and loads of people (and I mean tourists) had never even heard of it!
There was also an amazing little gift shop – extraordinary.
It had cassette tapes, old books, dusty bottles, LPs, postcards and any kind of nostalgic nik nak you can think of.
The shop was called The Emporium.
There is a totally unique charm about this town.
Every year they have art competitions.
Mural Park in Sheffield is where the top paintings go.
They are then put o a vote each year to decide whose is the best.
Sheffield is art in itself, because from the town centre you can gaze up at the beautiful Mount Roland in the background.
The town also has the usual suspects…like this clock
Souvenir Shop
Tourist Information Office
Well decorated Post Office
War memorial
If you’re in Tasmania, you really should go there. You’ll enjoy the drive. You’ll love the setting. And if you like art, bejesus you’re laughing.


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