Alternative Ways To Make Money While Travelling

When people ask me about my travels, I still get shocked that they constantly ask me about work, and what jobs I have done on my travels. At times, I thought it was so obvious that I am an international barman, English teacher and writer as well as meadnering through a plethora of ridiculous jobs that I blogged about along the way, from echinacea purifying to being a welcome host for Internations. Through the years, I usually intertwined that hat-trick to earn enough cash to keep me going. But those three careers come and go in bursts. Here are some ways to earn money while travelling.
Alternative Ways To Make Money While Travelling - Echinacea

Alternative Ways To Make Money While Travelling – Echinacea


I have always been a writer, since I was a kid. The difference as I grew up is to somehow turn my passion into a job. Though, I still prefer my writing when it is from the heart and not jst for money, all writing makes me happy. It is a passion. I’m never more than a metre from a paper and pen and I write 1000 words minimum every day. Without fail. The trick is to work hard on it enough, reach out to others and don’t say no to writing opportunities whether paid or unpaid.
seki square tea

Doing a bit of travel writing while waiting for my tea in Seki Square, Azerbaijan.

2.Bar Work

I first worked in a bar back in 2001 in my hometown of Bangor when I got a job in McMillen’s (now called The Rabbit Rooms). I later used the same skills in England, Australia and Hong Kong. in the Kong I worked in Delaney’s Irish Pub in Kowloon. I always love bar work for the social life, the work banter and the tips. The normal rate of pay is not quite as good.
delaneys irish pub hong kong

I was back in Hong Kong and back in Delaney’s irish Pub, working away!

3.Teaching English

Initially I never really considered treaching English as a viable option. At school, I generally hated teachers and I never aspired to be one. This all changed in 2011 when I went to Chris’s House party in Hong Kong. A guy I met there, invited me to do an interview to become a teacher. Without any experience or qualifications, I went to the interview out of curiosity more than anything. Yet they gave me the job!! I phoned my girlfriend from a boat between Causeway bay and Hung Hom that day in total shock. I had become a Native English Teacher overnight and did my TEFL then worked in Kindergartens and Primary Schools in the Kong, before moving into adult teaching.

Teaching English in Hong Kong back in 2013

4.Forex Trading

For those unaware, Forex Trading is an up and coming popular way to earn money from the safety of your laptop and bedroom. Simply put, it involves converting one currency to another, based on your prediction of how a certain currency will perform against another at any given time. In the ever-changing market, this is something to really get into and become good at. With the 2020 Coronavirus crisis on, this is a good option. You need to keep up to date and be good at analysing facts and figures and making good predictions. It is not without risks but Forex Trading is extremely popular.

5.Blogs and Websites

Gaining independence online can change your life. Rather than dedicate your life to posting excrement on Facebook, Twitter or Blogspot, why not try self-hosting. It was eight years ago now (2012) that I changed to self-hosting. Once you get your personal website sorted and are aware of VPS hosting, the world becomes your oyster.

Blogging in Folwark Żuławski Hotel near Elbląg, Poland

These are just five ideas to get you thinking about continuing your journey and earning money for yourself as you explore the world. Safe travels.

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