Living in this land down under makes you think how the English language differs from country to country. In Northern Ireland for example there are many differences from England in speech. Check these out – 
Northern Irish word first
Snib – Latch – the opening part of a door
Hot Press – Airing Cupboard: the bit in a bathroom where towels and the boiler are kept
Soda – (No English equivalent except for a type of water): yer morning bread of choice
Dander – Walk
Wee – Small or Little
Right Geg – Laugh
Quare – Real
Carryout – Beer or alcohol you “carry out”
Australian English (English word first)
Wellies/Wellington Boots – Gum Boots
Car With Large Boat/Tow Truck – Yoot
Toilets – Dunnies
Sun cream/Sun tan lotion – Sunscreen
Aubergine – Egg Plant
Peppers – Capsicum
Football – Soccer
Good – Sick
Half Two – Half Past Two
Crazy Golf – Mini Golf
Broccoli – Brocco-lie
Tow Truck – Yute – A Car with a large open boot
Plaster – Band Aid
The word ‘lorry’ is not used in Australia. That’s the main language differences I’ve noticed so far. I’m sure there’ll be more as time goes on.
Fair dinkum…and no worries mate!


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