Backpacking Advice: Visa Application Process Explained

Backpacking Advice: Visa Application Process Explained

Backpacking Advice: Visa Application Process Explained

British travellers are fortunate in that they’re granted visa-free access to dozens of countries worldwide. Elsewhere, however, it is a legal requirement to obtain a visa to be granted entry. Depending on where you are going, you may need to apply for a tourist visa for a stay as short as a few days.

Whether applying for a Russian visa for a leisure trip or considering business activities abroad, it’s useful to know where you stand. It’s also a good idea to get to grips with how the process works, before getting started with your application.

What is a Visa?

The term ‘visa’ basically refers to a legal document that details the holder’s permission to enter and remain in a country for a certain period of time. Some visas permit stays of just a few days, while others grant the holder longer-term (or even permanent) residency.

What Are the Different Types of Visa?

All countries have their own unique visa types and immigration policies.  However, most visas fall within the brackets of transit visas, tourist visas, work visas and student visas. It’s therefore important to carefully consider your intentions and the purpose of your visit, prior to applying.

How do I Apply for a Visa?

Applying for a visa can be simplified with the help of a specialist service provider. Depending on your requirements, applying for a visa can be as simple as submitting a completed application form along with proof of your identity and nationality online. However, there are also instances where you may need to visit an embassy in person.

How Much Does a Visa to Russia Cost?

Again, it depends entirely on the nature and purpose of your visit. Some visas to Russia cost in the region of £100 to apply for – others are considerably more expensive. Costs quickly climb when application issues are encountered, so it’s worth considering expert support where available.

How Do I Know if I Need a Visa?

The UK Government publishes helpful information on its official foreign travel website. It’s the sole responsibility of the traveller to check in advance whether they need a visa. Research your requirements and eligibility online, before arranging travel.

What If My Application Is Rejected?

If you submit your application with the help of an experienced professional, rejection is unlikely. This is because your application will only be submitted in the first place having been verified and approved by a foreign travel expert.  Otherwise, a rejected application could make it more difficult to qualify for a visa in future. Application rejections can also increase overall application costs.

How Can I Assess My Eligibility for a Visa?

Again, it’s worth taking your case to an experienced service provider. Organise an obligation-free consultation to discuss whether you need a visa, the type of visa you need and how likely you are to qualify. After which, they can check and send your application on your behalf, maximising its likelihood of being accepted by the relevant embassy.

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