Backpacking Buddies: Haya Harpaz from Afula, Israel

In backpacking buddies, it’s YOUR TURN to shine ;-) I’m delighted to be able to feature my backpacking buddies from down the years in this new series. Each post will be a short 10 questions and a bit of background to someone else that I met on the road. Someone I shared some great times with on this journey. It has been overwhelming the last 11 years to have met so many interesting and inspiring people that I want to start featuring you all on here.

“Your journey is my journey and vice versa”

In my second interview with the backpacking buddies and friends I have made over the years, I am delighted to introduce Haya Harpaz. Haya is from Israel and after meeting her in Antarctica in 2010, my girlfriend and I visited her there in 2013 and attended her wedding! So naturally it’s a delight to have Haya in the series!

Backpacking Buddies - Haya Harpaz from Israel - at her wedding in Afula, Israel.

Backpacking Buddies – Haya Harpaz from Israel – at her wedding in Afula, Israel.

1. Who are you?

Haya, 29 years old, Works in a boring job. Married+a lovely dog.

2. Where are you from?

Beer Sheva, south Israel.

3. Where have you travelled to before?

South America, Africa, USA, Canada, many places in Europe, Jordan, Australia, New Zealand – around 25 countries.

4. Where are you now?

Currently in Israel, but traveling to Iceland next month.

5. Where are you going/hoping to go next?

After Iceland I may visit my brother in Norway. I’m dreaming about traveling to Morocco, China, Romania and many more.

6. What is the weirdest job you have ever had?

As a student, I worked in a Laundry place, doing laundry and folding clothes. Actually, I found the folding quite relaxing.

7. What is the craziest place you have been to?

Antarctica – no doubt about it.

8. Where did you meet Jonny of Don’t Stop Living?

I met Jonny and his girlfriend Panny on the boat to Antarctica. Last year, both of them attended my wedding in Israel! (Jonny’s note – Panny was not my girlfriend at the time we were in Antarctica but we got together soon afterwards).

9. What is your inspiration for life?

To have lots of lots of money and no obligations and to be able to travel around the world and visit remote places that only a few people have seen.

10. Tell us about your favourite spot in each continent:
a. Antarctica – The 11 days crouise is taking you to lovely places!
b. Africa – Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
c. South America – Huaraz in Peru.
d. Australia – the desert.
e. Asia – The treck from Mestia tu Ushguli in Georgia.
f. Europe – Moher cliffs, Ireland.
g. North America – New York (I was there as a young girl and haven’t seen much of the nature).

Backpacking Buddies - Israel and Northern Ireland flags flying at Cuverville, Antarctica.

Backpacking Buddies – Israel and Northern Ireland flags flying at Cuverville, Antarctica.

Jonny’s input:

My first memories of Haya Harpaz came at the peak of Cuverville Island in Antarctica. While at the top everyone in our group was happy and cheerful and of course posing for photos. I saw Haya with her Israel flag and at the same time I was posing with my Northern Ireland flag so I went over and we got a photo together! That was my first time to meet Haya. We became good buddies on board the ship and later shared a dorm room and went partying in Ushuaia, Argentina. Then 3 years later I attended Haya’s wedding in Israel and the photo of us in Antarctica together was even used on her wedding video on the big screen. I hope to bump into Haya again at some point on our journeys!

Backpacking Buddies: Haya Harpaz in Afula, Israel.

Backpacking Buddies: Haya Harpaz in Afula, Israel.

Backpacking Buddies is a regular feature on Don’t Stop Living on real life people I have met on my journeys around the globe since leaving Northern Ireland in 2003. If you have met me on my journey (shared a bed, got a night bus, worked in a bar, cut broccoli, backpacked in Antarctica, studied in Uruguay, fed hyenas, drank in Brunei etc..) and would like to feature in this series, please contact me by e-mail only to:

jonny (at) dontstopliving (dot) net and will try and get you featured in an upcoming edition!

It’s all about you!

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