Backpacking on Computer Games: Pokemon Lawsuit

With the release of Pokémon Go not even a month ago sparking a following of an estimated 10 million users daily, it is no wonder the app has already caused some controversy. This worldwide and widespread trend has reached a tremendous user scale with record timing, and is generally loved and adored by those who use it. However, there are some who do not wish to partake in this pass-time, and some who actually consider the game to be quite the nuisance.

For example, a New Jersey resident Jeffery Marder has not only complained, but has filed a lawsuit against the Niantic Labs and Nintendo powerhouses. His accusations all point towards these companies as being the reasons behind many players trespassing and seeking entrance into his private residence.

Visa for Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country on Nintendo

The property owner has disclosed that at least 5 players have come to knock on his door proclaiming that various mythical creatures lay hidden within his backyard or house, and that these players wish to gain entry to catch them. Unlike online casino players. This individual accuses Pokémon Go as being the sole reason for invasion of private property, as the game sets up “gyms” or “Pokestops” within or very near to these properties without the owner’s consent.

As the craze continues to grow, concerns such as this one are sure to keep growing as well. While the creators state that the company guidelines highlight that trespassing and invasion is not encouraged, they have taken no further action on the matter.

It can be said that while Pokémon Go remains a fun new activity for some, the concerns for public well-being are becoming increasingly worrying. Where this game will take us in the future remains unknown. Can top Australian online casinos and console games also adopt the same thing? Still we don’t know.

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