Backpacking in Italy: Top 5 Sights in Venice

Backpacking in Italy: Top 5 Sights in Venice

Venice might not sound like a backpackers paradise at the start, but believe me it is and it can be done on the cheap as I once proved, a few thousand moons ago with Hungarian dancer Noemi Linzenbold. As we backpacked through the streets of this wild child, it was actually by getting some good deals flights that we were able to fly in and out and save on budget. Over a period of 5 days touring the city, I highlighted these as my top 5 sights:

1.Lido Beach
Noemi and I loved Lido beach. You get a boat across to it and then it’s a short walk down to the golden sands and strip. This beach also helps you escape the vibe and character of the normal Venice we all know.

Lido Beach

2.Grand Canal
Of course getting a gondola will remain a highlight from my time in Venice. The long lasting memory will be sailing down the fantastic grand canal. This is the famous one, though admittedly some of the smaller canals also have their charm.

Backpacking in Italy: Top 5 Sights in Venice

Backpacking in Italy: Top 5 Sights in Venice

3.San Marco Square
This is the ultimate must do for a photo type of place and while it is as touristic as you’d expect, it’s kind of unavoidable anyway as you will end up walking by it almost every day.

Backpacking in Venice, Italy – San Marco Square

Backpacking in Venice Italy

There is excellent music in the cafes nearby too but expect to pay a bit more for your beer, wine of coffee. However, this is as romantic as it gets really. A beautiful spot for sunrise or sunset too and for a special kiss.

4.Rialto Bridge
Another spot for the touristic list is the stunning Rialto Bridge. We had our coffees here sometimes as the view was excellent and there is a nice market on the other side of the bridge.

Backpacking in Venice, Italy

Backpacking in Venice, Italy

5.St. Mark’s Basilica
No visit to Italy is complete without checking out a church. In one of the most Catholic countries in the world, St. Mark’s Basilica is a masterpiece that deserves to be toured.

average city venice

Basilica in Venice

Don’t forget if you visit Venice, you are also not far away from awesome cities like Trieste (on the Slovenia border) and Rimini. In fact you can even visit the mini country of San Marino without much hassle. And beware of Venice’s touristic traps – try to stick to small local cafes off the main squares and streets to save money.

Backpacking in Venice, Italy

Dining out in Venice, Italy

Here are some videos from my time touring Venice:

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