Backpacking in Algeria: Top 0 Sights

There were none and the reason I am putting this up today is just because I have every country’s flag on my homepage that I toured and to keep my mind at ease I had to include it. Algeria goes hand in hand with Venezuela as the worst countries I have ever been to. Horrible, nasty people from the immigration to the visa process to the locals. I vowed never to write about it until they give me my £1,500 back, which they clearly won’t as this trip was March 2015. If you get a chance to visit Algeria in life – please don’t. The most horrible and corrupt country I have ever been to. So you get a top 0 sights from a country I have no respect for.

The corrupt and nasty Algerian Embassy in London

2015 in Africa – my arrival in Algeria (which I never wrote about)

7 thoughts on “Backpacking in Algeria: Top 0 Sights

  • I had also some issue entering the country! I don’t know really why! As I showed respect by speaking French which is one of their official language! The immigration agent was really mean to me! It’s sad, because they have a really great country! But immigration is hard on tourists!

  • Hi Steven, thanks for the comment and for checking out my blogs on Algeria – I totally agree – totally corrupt country and a disgrace to humanity. I only hope that employee that stole my money and lied to me in London was sacked or got her bad karma. I beat them 1-0, Norman Whiteside dicked them too. Stay safe! Jonny

  • wow this is the worst thing i’ve read today about my country, i respect your opinion in all cases, in fact i agree with you, algerian gov is deeply corrupt and its hard to visit the country, and its harder to live in it, other ways it a beautiful country, with it sahara and mounting and all the landscape that you probably won’t see anywhere else
    I present my day please excuse for behave Algerian people.

  • Hi Danny, thanks for the comment. It’s unlikely I’ll ever be back. I encountered way too many problems in certain countries and I blacklist them. Safe travels. Jonny

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