Backpacking in China: Shanghai Drunken White Pond Park Tour Guide

Drunken White Pond Park, located in the old city of Songjiang, Shanghai, is a very typical garden in the south of the Yangtze River, where the ancient trees are lush, ancient and quiet, and the environment is peaceful.  Although the park is not large, there are many rockeries, ponds, pavilions and pavilions, and through the windows of the corridor, you can see the chic flower garden. In summer, you can come to Drunken White Pond Park to escape the heat and enjoy the lotus. In late autumn, you can visit the annual chrysanthemum exhibition at Drunken White Pond. In addition, you can also see hundreds of inscriptions, plaques and stone sculptures written by famous artists.

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Backpacking in China: Shanghai Drunken White Pond Park Tour Guide

Drunken White Pond is one of the five oldest classical gardens in Shanghai, along with Yu Garden, Qiu Xia Garden, Gu Yi Garden and Qushu Garden. Its predecessor was the private garden of Zhu Zhichun, a scholar of Songjiang in the Song Dynasty, and later, in the late Ming Dynasty, it became the residence of the calligrapher Dong Qichang. The apparently surviving part of the Drunken White Pond was rebuilt on the old site by the painter Gu Dashen in the Qing Dynasty.

Now the Drunken White Pond is divided into two parts: the outer garden is newly built, and the inner garden is the original classical garden, which can be reached after entering the garden from the west gate of Renmin South Road and walking to the deepest part of the inner garden.

Backpacking in China: Shanghai Drunken White Pond Park Tour Guide

In the center of the inner garden is a rectangular lotus pond, which is the Drunken White Pond, and it is very pleasant to walk in the cloister around the Drunken White Pond.

Although the inner garden is small, but lush flowers and trees, you can enjoy the bamboo and pine in the garden, there is a large camphor tree with more than 300 years of age in the north of the pond, there are peony beds in the east of the pond, and there are golden and silver osmanthus in the backyard of the snow begonia in the west of the pond.

Around the pond and the hall and pavilion are often filled with a variety of flowering plants, especially the chrysanthemum exhibition in mid-November every year, which is worth seeing, where hundreds of varieties of chrysanthemums can be enjoyed.

There is also a bonsai garden to the south of the inner garden, and the bonsai inside the garden is also very good.

The cloister of the inner garden, which connects various buildings and pavilions, mainly has buildings such as the Hall of Four Faces, the Hall of Sedan Chairs, the Hall of Snow Sea, the Chihshang Cao Tang and the Le Tian Xuan. Most of these buildings were built in the Qing Dynasty and are antique in color, with various mahogany furniture inside. Under the eaves of the door of the Chi Shang Cao Tang hangs a plaque inscribed by the famous painter Cheng Shifa, “Drunken White Pond”.

On the south side of the inner garden, there are various inscription galleries, where there are many stone inscriptions of calligraphers, such as “Red Cliff Fugue” by Zhao Mengfu, a calligrapher of the Yuan Dynasty, “Hard to Get by” by Zheng Banqiao of the Qing Dynasty, and a banner written by Dong Qichang, a painter of the Ming Dynasty, etc. The humanistic heritage is very deep.


No. 64, Renmin South Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

Opening hours.

6:00-17:00, ticket sales stop at 16:30.

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Ticket Price.

Adults 12 yuan/person, senior citizens over 65 years old, children under 6 years old and under 1.3 meters, disabled persons, active military personnel and families of martyrs are free. minors aged 6~18 years old, senior citizens aged 60~64 years old, full-time undergraduate students and below receive half price discount.

Transportation guide.

Subway: Take subway line 9 to Drunken White Pond Station and exit at Exit 3.

Public transportation: Take bus Songjiang 12, Songjiang 19 to Drunken White Pond Station.

Take bus Songjiang 2, Songjiang 6, Songjiang 9, Songjiang 13, Songjiang 23, Songjiang 27, Songjiang 28, Songwei line to Songhui Road, Renmin South Road stop, walk more than 260 meters to get there.

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