Backpacking in Czechia: Top 5 Sights in Prague

Backpacking in Czechia: Top 5 Sights in Prague

2007 saw my first ever visit to Czechia, previously dubbed Czech Republic. It was a suggestion from the famous Lock In Lee after we left the Lock In in 2004. We had decided to backpack in Prague. Three years later when the idea came to fruition, it was time to explore this beast. We booked into a backpacker’s hostel and planned some mayhem. These days, those backpacker days are well behind me so I recommend booking either the Novotel Praha Wenceslas Square Hotel or the popular Ibis Praga Old Town. Once checking in, head out to explore this fine city. These were my personal top 5 sights which I never really covered but loved!

Backpacking in Czechia: Top 5 Sights in Prague

1.Prague Castle
Despite being slightly hungover, we headed to Prague Castle for the viewpoint and history lesson. It towers over the city and offers cracking views.

Prague Castle

2.Lennon Wall
Lee and I were totally amused by the famous Lennon Wall. John Lennon may have lied, but the legend lives on. Everyone who ever visited Prague has signed this wall, so we did the same. Lee isn’t even a Beatles fan but it had to be done for the banter.

Backpacking in Czechia: Top 5 Sights in Prague

3.Sparta Prague Stadium
As football geeks, we secured tickets for the Sparta Prague v. Slovan Liberec match. At the time it was a huge derby. The final score was 1-0 to Sparta Prague. Lee and I loved the atmosphere and banter.

Lee and I watching Sparta Prague v Slovan Liberec in Czechia

4.Charles Bridge
The most famous bridge in Czechia cannot be overlooked so of course we visited the famous Charles Bridge. Lee and I took lots of photos along the bridge, bought souvenirs and had a few beers. It’s a great place to chill out, and listen to music too.

Backpacking in Czechia: Top 5 Sights in Prague

5.Sex Museum
On another crazy part of my wacaday journey, we headed to the sex museum in downtown Prague. After seeing the crazy devices used by the crazy Czechs, it was time for a crazy act of my own as I shed my clothes for a full nude display inside the museum. Yes, I was totally naked in front of their videos and any customers at the time. Lock In Lee took a photo of it and the reception girl on leaving even saw it, as well as the fully willy and balls. The same reception girl was also happy to get a photo with us.

Lee and I touring Prague’s sex museum

6.Europe’s Largest Nightclub
It came as a surprise to learn that the biggest nightclub was in Prague, at least back in 2007. So we got a group together from the hostel and we backpacked it hardcore. We did a pub crawl which included the Irish Pub showing Glentoran v Manchester United on TV and this culminated in a visit to the large nightclub.
All in all we have lots of good memories from Prague but it has also been locked in my 2007 door. It was actually one of the first cities to be covered on this, the Don’t Stop Living blog.
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