Best Ways To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship

“You’re far away but you are always on my mind” – Tim Wheeler.
As a traveller, life in the love department can be hard. The main reason is, you are often spending prolonged period away from your partner in most cases. Unless of course you are both wildernistic nomads and you someone are able to backpack the world together. In my case, I have endured numerous long distance love affairs and it’s a very difficult situation to be in. However, it can be managed, it can work, it can succeed and it can lead to real love, marriage and an everlasting romance. Just ask Thor Pedersen from Once Upon A Saga. On his journey around the world, he has visited almost EVERY country by land or sea and without using an aeroplane. All of this while at the same time holding down a long term relationship with his girlfriend! He is living proof of success in the long distance relationship department. But how does he do it? How can you do it? What methods can you use to stay in love while miles apart?

1.Keep Regular Contact

Stating the obvious but to keep the relationship going from a distance, you MUST keep regular contact. This can be done in many many ways these days – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram messages and posts, Skype calls, Facetiming, Messenger, MSN. You can also physcially phone each other from a coin box, send postcards and do video calls. Keep contact and tell the other person how much you care for them, miss them and will see them soon.


2.Online Sexual Acts

Turn on Skype and then get saucy. You can try strip tease for each other, slow clothes removal, talking dirty and simultaneous masturbation techniques in the hope you can both reach orgasm and somehow feel together, while miles, often countries apart.

3.Masturbation – Willy Wanks for Guys

For guys, whack out your beast and start the jerking process. Imagine you are with the girl you love and want a good time with her, you can also pleasure yourself in many other ways as you do it. Go slow and slip some chocolate sauce on your willy, or whack some sticky honey on it. There are also numerous lubricants you can buy for penile shaft rubbing. You can also have a decent willy wank after some yoga.

Getting Naked Again: Nude Yoga With Veronika in London, England

Getting Naked Again: Nude Yoga

4.Masturbation – Vibrators for Girls

For girls, you can now choose your size! You don’t have to wait to unzip his pants to see if he has a worm or a snake, now you can choose your own size for your vaginal requirements. Look in your local sex shop or online for remote control vibrators and order the one that takes your fancy, or should I say tickles your fanny! As a guy, obviously this is not something I really know about. But I have spoken to enough girls about the subject down the years to have some estimation of how it might be.

5.Surprise Visits

Finally, and perhaps the best option of all – is surprise visits! Just because you are countries apart and miles away, doesn’t mean you cannot physically meet at the drop of a hat. Book that surprise late unexpected flight and really be together!

Good luck falling in love…

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