Backpacking In India: Best Locations For Bike Trips In Bangalore

Bangalore is an Indian location commonly underestimated regarding tourism. Being the Karnataka state’s capital in India, its strategic location offers you many opportunities when you visit. The positioning exposes it to a fantastic series of weather throughout the year. There are never peak seasons for either hot or cold weather. You can visit at any time of the year and still explore without challenges. The other key attraction point of this place is the plethora of natural sites. Renting a bike can help you explore major locations in and around Bangalore, such includes beaches, hills, wildlife, forts, lakes, and lots of waterfalls. The list is endless. One activity that you can never get tired of doing here is exploring the trails using bikes. Below is a list of the places that you should endeavor to study while you are here.

Backpacking In India: Best Locations For Bike Trips In Bangalore

Backpacking In India: Best Locations For Bike Trips In Bangalore

Shivanasamudram Falls

Falls have always been an eye-catching idea despite the location. The ambiance provides something to die for without a doubt. The gushing waters forming steam-like features that blow on your face are sufficient to cool you down after a long day at work. Shivanasamudram fall lies on river Kaveri. From a distance, it appears like silver that is overflowing flawlessly into the space below. The best thing is its location on the Mysore highway. With a quality bike on rent in Bangalore, you can undoubtedly maneuver and locate it. While you approach, you will hear the steady sounds of water pouring. Additionally, the route to this location will also offer you some fantastic things to see. If you got a camera, then you will take home lots of amazing photos.

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Mysore is a small quiet city near Bangalore. It is commonly known for its history, which dates back to my years ago. At the center of the town, there is a massive palace with a breathtaking view. The city has business opportunities to offer the residents. It, therefore, means that most people would be heading in this direction every single morning. However, if you are an early bird, you can have a smooth bike ride without lots of distractions on the way. Follow the route to Chamundi hills. The road is quite friendly, with no vast challenges. Ride through to the top of the site, and when you get there, you wouldn’t want to go back. The view from this point is something out of this world. You can see the city with everyone going about their activities. If you have time, you can chill and wait for the evening to come for a more mesmerizing focus.


Yelagiri is one of the best locations for bike trips near Bangalore. You could be wondering why. Well, for starters, its location is the most eye-catching of most of them all. Yelagiri sits on the laps of the Eastern Ghats. If you have been here, you know it will require no interest to go through the trail. There are twists and turns on the route that will keep you wanting more. The famous hairpin bends sum up to 12. While at each of them, you can take a break and savor the breathtaking view of the plains sleeping below. When you are riding, you will notice some people walking headed to the highest point. If interested, you can trek with them to get a much satisfying view of the place.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Mother Nature is always very generous. You will never manage to visit all the places it has offered you. Another suitable location for a biking trip around Bangalore is the bird sanctuary. Fortunately, there are more friends of the bird that you will see while you visit this location. The site lies on Mysore road, a smooth path that you will love to explore as well. At the sanctuary, there is a river, a home for crocodiles. The surrounding location of plantations is a massive nest for numerous species of birds. If you are keen, you can spot over twenty types, all unique presentations. When the sun comes up, the crocodiles will leave the water to bask and get some vitamins. Through proper timing, you can catch them right in the act. The photos that you take from such a site are something that you will relish for a lifetime.


The other name from Ooty, which is mostly known by the residents, is the Queen of Hill Stations. The place is in the state of Tamil Nadu. The primary reason why it appears on this list is its location and weather. First and foremost, there are two different routes that you can take to this place. Each of them is more or less the same distance, but you will get served to various sites. While at the station, you will notice plush gardens, coffee plantations, and hilltop mists, among others. It will take more than a few hours for you to capture all these sites. If you like more adventure, pass through the Bandipur Tiger Reserve for a more bewildering opportunity. Ooty is a complete package for bikers.


Yercaud is another location suitable for bike trips, commonly known as the jewel of the south. The site is a mother for numerous small areas that you will love. There is a lake at the site with a breathtaking view. The best part about vising here is you don’t have to move near the area to see everything. The lady’s seat’s viewpoint is the precise location for you to get a clear glimpse of the entire background. With the use of binoculars, you will realize there’s so much more than Yercaud offers.


Sakleshpur is a green habitat suitable for farming. When you choose to visit the place, you will notice tons of vegetation on the hills. The farmers here take pride in planting cardamom, pepper, and coffee. The roads that will lead you to the location are smooth, and you will not sweat a bit. Additionally, they are enjoyable, as some are curvy with exciting twists that you would love to go through.

Bangalore has much more to offer to bikers. Each site has a unique feature to offer. When you decide to visit, evaluate the areas in terms of the distance to get covered. You will want to have fun rather than get tired and miss out on all the fun.

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