Backpacking in India: See the Length and Breadth of Pune – Self Drive

Backpacking in India: See the Length and Breadth of Pune – Self Drive

Pune is an exciting city, nestled in rugged heights and boasting some of the best road connectivity in the country. Discovering the city is done best on one’s own terms as it has many unique experiences to offer in every corner. Many are choosing self drive cab services in Pune because of the privacy and freedom this mode offers. Here are some of the places to explore and things to do in this dynamic city.

A Land of Immense History

Pune is the heartland of Maratha culture, a city with many faces. Some known of it because of its importance as an academic centre, some know it through its growing industrial importance. The city is older than its more preppy reputation and a trip to the Shaniwar Vada will transport visitors to its royal side. It was the seat of power of the Peshwas, one of the greatest dynasties of the region, whose cultural legacy has defined modern Pune in many ways. Pune is a wonderful city to drive around especially if one wanders into the outskirts, with roadways hugging the sides of the massive Western Ghats.  A trip to Sinhagad Fort is recommended for those who seek a bit of adventure with their history lessons.  It is a scenic 25 km drive from Pune city and the oldest parts of the fort have been dated close to 2000 years. Perched on the edge of a mountain, this fort was strategically very important and was the site for many great battles. Today it provides some very exhilarating views of the surrounding valleys and is a haven for trekkers.

Backpacking in India: See the Length and Breadth of Pune – Self Drive

The Aga Khan Palace is another splendid architectural landmark of Pune City. It was here that Mahatma Gandhi spent 2 years in house arrest in the 1940s, making it a significant landmark in Indian history. Close to Pune, one can also drive to Lonavla, a famous hill station and site of a famous lake and fort.

Popular Food Joints in Pune

Another great way to soak up the culture of Pune is to savor its cuisines. The German Bakery is one of the most popular hangouts in the city and the highlights here include the kheema pav and the famous Shrewsbury biscuits. Drive over to Kayani Bakery, famous for its ginger biscuits, choco-walnut cake and much more. 1000 Oaks is a favored joint for cocktails and western cuisines while Mar-O-Rin, located on the MG Road provides a perfect pit stop during a shopping trip. Vaishali is one of Pune’s oldest restaurants and serves up what many argue is the best Indian and regional food in town. You can also get a discount on Pune restaurants when you reserve in advance. Dishes to try out include pao bhaji, dahi-vada and many types of dosa.

Companies like Zoomcar provide an affordable self drive taxi service in Pune. Customers get to choose from a wide range of cars and enjoy assurances like 24/7 on-road support. Drive around the magnificent expanse of this city and enjoy the many attractions, old and new.

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