Backpacking in My Own Flat: Top 3 Sights In Isolation

Stay at home. Stay in your flat or house. Why go out? Why? You are risking other people’s lives even if you think YOU are invinvicle and have no symptoms of the deadly COVID-19/Coronavirus. It is my 11th day at home but even I feel guilty that in those 11 days I left the flat for 54 minutes in total. Yes, even I feel that is too many minutes outside. Yes it is too many. Reasons I went out-
1.To buy food (not even that essential as I can survive on bread and water so I almost regret it).
2.To leave the rubbish out (also regret it as not essential – can pile the rubbish up and do it once a month in truth).
So actually unless it is an emergency, nobody needs to go out and risk the spread of this disease. Remember if you have no symptoms of it, assume you have it. Anyone else is an inhumane idiot. Simple as that. This record has been on repeat for three weeks but still inhumane idiots don’t get it.

Backpacking in My Own Flat: Top 3 Sights In Isolation

Backpacking in My Own Flat: Top 3 Sights In Isolation

These are the three main sights (rooms) in my flat for me to backpack through while I am currently self-isolating to ensure to risk of the spread of the Coronavirus.


I spend 98% of my time here. I sleep, work, read, eat and write here. I love it. I now have more time to work while I stay at home. I have my desk all set up with my travel books and folders. I have music and DVDs and I can write while I eat and sip Earl Grey tea.

Jonny Blair Poetry: Cup of The Earl (December 11th 2019)

Cup of The Earl


I go here for the toilet and to keep clean. The main things to check out here in the bathroom are the toilet, the shower and the sink. I also keep some products in here such as toilet roll, shower gel, shampoo, mouthwash, soap, toothpaste, razors and comb. I rarely spend longer than 20 minutes a day in there.

Backpacking through my bathroom without a backpack!

Backpacking through my bathroom without a backpack!


I go here not to eat but to prepare my food and drink. I boil the kettle, cook something in the oven or hob and I pop some toast in.

Backpacking through my kitchen without a backpack!

I didn’t count the hall as it runs into the kitchen and could not be classed as a separate room/country. So STAY at HOME and meet NOBODY else, not even your family – we can do that online! And don’t do it for yourself, do it for HUMANKIND.

Amount of minutes I have spent outside my flat in the last 11 days – 54 minutes.

I am aiming for much less in the next 11 days.

Stay at home, stay safe!

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