Backpacking in Nauru: Top 12 Sights in Anetan Province

Backpacking in Nauru: Top 12 Sights in Anetan Province

The Anetan province in Nauru reminded me of my life back in Poland and my wonderful friend Aneta so I dedicate this post and that province to Aneta, often cutely called Ania. You see, Nauru as an island and country is split into 14 provinces and it has 19 villages and Anetan is one such. I was rather amused by the name.

A night out with Aneta in Kraków, Poland

We walked around the island so arrived by foot into Anetan, and left the same way. We spent 8 cumulative days on Nauru (5 full days) and were able to explore and visit all 14 of the provinces. It’s pretty easy to do that even in a 24 hour stint. We walked the whole island in 8 hours, at a leisurely pace which also included 2 rain delay stops, lunch, dinner and a sneaky afternoon beer at Ronave village in Ewa Province.

Anetan province, Nauru

I doubt I’ll have time to write about the top sights in all 14 of the provinces in Nauru, or all 19 villages but here are the highlights in Anetan province.

1.Anetan Beach
Nauru is full of brilliant beaches, Anetan is no exception with its main road sweeping down to the coast. Admire the views or head for a walk or go for a dip in the pure clear blue Pacific Ocean waters.

Anetan Beach

2.Fishing Birds Cages
The fishing industry is popular on Nauru and here in Anetan you can see cages and nets full of enclosed birds that are used for fishing.

Fishing birds cage

3.Fishers of Men Pentecostal Church
As churches in Nauru go, Anetan has an unusual one, so much so that at first we weren’t even aware it is a church. A photo of the Fishers of Men Pentecostal Church also appears in the National Museum in Yaren, Nauru’s capital.

Fishers of Men Pentecostal Church, Anetan, Nauru

Fishers of Men Pentecostal Church, Anetan, Nauru

Fishers of Men Pentecostal Church, Anetan, Nauru

Fishers of Men Pentecostal Church, Anetan, Nauru

4.Technical Mission of Taiwan

Taiwan and Nauru have close ties and the Taiwanese have built a lot of things here in Nauru including lampposts. In Anetan there is a Technical Mission of Taiwan with Nauru and Taiwan proudly side by side.

Technical Mission of Taiwan

  1. Kemuel’s Kitchen

Anetan, like many districts of Nauru has its fair share of shops and restaurants. Most shops and restaurants on Nauru are mediocre but here the joy of Kemuel’s Kitchen provides a food den worth checking out.

Kemuel’s Kitchen

6.Olive Restaurant

For Cantonese and Chinese style food, head into the Olive Restaurant in central Anetan.

Olive Restaurant, Anetan province, Nauru

  1. Blues Point Petrol Station

The glory days of Nauru being a rich nation have passed the country by. Reminders of that era are difficult to find. Phosphate mining has been and gone and took with it a bucketload of empty and dis-used petrol stations. The Anetan district still has the popular Blues Point Petrol Station with a small shop inside it.

Blues Point Petrol Station

8.Community Seawall

International Aid reached Nauru from many countries and entities including United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia. Here in Anetan is a Community Seawall, built by the Indians.

The Indian Built Community Seawall in Anetan Province, Nauru

9.AFL Pitch
With AFL (Australian Rules Football) being the national sport in Nauru, most districts have their own football pitch. Anetan has a small one and kids were playing here pre-dusk on our dander round the island.

The AFL "stadium" (pitch) in Anetan province, Nauru

The AFL “stadium” (pitch) in Anetan province, Nauru

10.Aneta (n) Sign!
On the way in to every province on Nauru, there is an entrance sign. Here I got a selfie at Anetan for my friend Aneta. I covered the N of course at one point so I could show Aneta! Apologies for the expression, the sun was in my eyes despite my sunglasses!

Aneta (n) Sign

Aneta (n) Sign

I was in Nauru on the Least Visited Countries Tour with Young Pioneer Tours, which can be booked here.

Here is a video I made while backpacking my way around the island to Anetan, Nauru:

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