Some of The Most Dangerous Tourist Routes When Backpacking

Some of The Most Dangerous Tourist Routes When Backpacking

There are a lot of beautiful and unique places in the world that could be visited, however, some of them could be very dangerous. Here are the most dangerous tourist routes on the Earth:


  • Russia

Russia has a lot of attractions to offer but unfortunately, there are too many issues that can come at hand. The country is known to have a lot of civil and political tensions, criminals and criminal gangs. Not only that, but there are a lot of violent and hateful crimes against people with different genders, sexual orientations, religions and races. For example, the LGBTQ culture exists in the country and isn’t illegal but there are many violent hate crimes against it.


  • Egypt

There are plenty of good reasons to visit Egypt. It is the home of the Nile River, it is the only place where you can see the unique and ancient pyramids. There are also beautiful Red Sea beaches and coral reefs. Cairo has plenty of landmarks to offer such as the Pyramid of Djoser, Khan el-Khalili or the Egyptian Museum. If you want to have a sneak peek of the good things in the Cairo metropolitan area, you can easily Google Earth Pro download which can show you all of Cairo’s art and beauty. However, the bad thing with Egypt is that the travellers could face huge problems such as kidnapping or terrorism and for that matter, they are advised not to leave the metropolitan area of Cairo.



  • North Korea

North Korea is known as a communicate state which is relatively low when it comes to the threat of crime or terrorism. The bad thing about the country is that there is no right in privacy and any tourists should be aware that their communications are monitored. Another thing that travellers must be aware of is that they are usually at a huge risk of arrest or long-term detention if they break any laws in the country.

  • Mexico

Despite the incredible and vibrant culture of Mexico, there are many reasons why it’s also on the list of the most dangerous tourist routes on the Earth. Crimes such as carjackings, drug-related crimes, kidnappings or robberies are just some of the many things that travellers have experienced. There are certain areas that have to be avoided and they were revealed with a travel warning issued from the United States Department of State outlines.

  • Turkey

Turkey is another popular destination that is definitely worth the visit because of its mesmerising beaches and cities. The country is very rich when it comes to art and history but unfortunately, it also has a huge variety of crimes and issues that tourists could face. The most common issues in the country are bombings,

kidnappings and terrorisms. When it comes to bombings, they are among some of the most occurring crimes in Turkey. Even though this type of crime has fallen by around 50%, there were still six bombings that happened within the last eight months.


  • Brazil

One of the reasons why Brazil is among one of the dangerous places to visit is because of the Zika virus that’s been around the country for some time now. There are also issues such as crimes, political tension and various demonstrations that make the country a very dangerous place to visit. Mainly because of the aforementioned Zika virus, pregnant women are included in the travel alert that was issued by the United States Department of State outlines.


Some of the other countries in the world that could be extremely dangerous to visit are El Salvador, Haiti, Kenya, Venezuela, Honduras and the Philippines. The above-mentioned issues are not occurring that much there. The reasons why any of these countries are dangerous to visit are armed robberies, insurgent activities, murders and high rates of crime and poverty. Besides the countries, there are specific places that are among some of the most famous tourist attractions and they could all be very dangerous and deadly. Places like Death Valley in California and Nevada, Volcano Tours in Hawaii and Iha da Queimada Grande in Brazil are visited by millions of tourists but they are all known with deaths, deadly injuries and disappearances. Whether it’s venomous animals or natural disasters, they could end up taking a life as well so always stay alert.

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