Backpacking in Poland: Gambling Culture in Warszawa

Are you a gambling enthusiast in Poland? Do you have an idea of how it came into place? Poland is currently among the countries with the fastest-growing economies considering that its business environment is friendly.

Backpacking in Poland: Gambling Culture in Warszawa

Backpacking in Poland: Gambling Culture in Warszawa

It also has established casinos, although they operate under fairly strict regulations. But that has not been a stumbling block towards their success. They have been making profits at the end of their business period. Even though gambling is legal in Poland and some sites have operating licenses, most players access their games online via foreign casino sites.

We linked up with our seasoned gamer and expert Jacek Michalski (view profile) to enlighten us about Poland’s gambling culture. We believe the information in this post will benefit you greatly in understanding more about it. Read on.

City snow during my Winter Stay at the Ibis Warszawa Centrum, Poland

City snow during my Winter Stay at the Ibis Warszawa Centrum, Poland

Polish Gambling Culture

Before the 1990s, gambling companies were freely running their operations. There were few regulations, and the gambling space was friendly for the majority of the people.

However, that did not go beyond the 1990s because the government began to develop an interest in the industry. To make their wants catered for, they had to put in policies that would help them regulate the industry.

Some of the policies introduced in 1992 included a directive that stated that the building of new casinos would only happen in cities with more than 250,000 people.

But that was not all. The years that followed were coupled with other reforms that saw the gambling businesses start operating under strict regulations, unlike before when they were free.

The online space has taken the gambling industry by storm in the recent past. Polish players can bank on sites such as that review different online casinos to help them land at reputable platforms.

Backpacking in Poland: Gambling Culture in Warszawa

Other steps by the Government

The government did not relent at enacting policies to regulate the industry. In 2010, it put up other stringent measures. The Polish Act on gambling required that only licensed casinos were to supply gambling machines.

That meant that the unlicensed operators had to phase out of the market. The gambling floor in the physical casinos wasn’t spared either. Not more than 70 machines were required on any gambling floor. Additionally, every region in the country got restricted and could not host a given number of casino venues.

Such regulations have only seen the country remain with only 15 land-based slots. That’s a rare case in most countries. For instance, if you move to Las Vegas, which is known to be the home of casinos, you will be astonished by the casinos you will find there. They are extensive and mostly attached to bigger restaurants that offer other amenities to the players. But that’s not the case in Poland.

How about the Lottery in Poland?

Lottery players have gotten used to playing on their state-owned lottery system. The system is under the management of a firm called Totalizator Sportowy. It offers the popular Polish lotto that is also known as Duzy Lotek.

The system allows for the jackpot drawings to happen thrice a week. But if it fails, it rolls over to the subsequent drawings making it advantageous for most players. Other betting activity in the country includes horse racing that began in 1824.

Generally, betting has been adopted in the country. Many citizens have turned it into their career, and they are earning a living off it. The reality is that online casino Poland is possible because the jackpots are ever handsome. There have been tales of lucky winners from Poland and many more to come.

What is the future of foreign gambling sites?

There have been efforts by the gambling authorities in Poland to tame foreign companies and operators who promote their services. Despite the government coming up with various measures regularly, they have done little to oust such operators. That signifies that the future is bright for them.

In the past, the government has been only implying that those who market such operators’ services will face the consequences. Also, players who consistently win huge rewards from such sites will attract the attention of such authorities. However, up to now, there is much light at the end of the tunnel.

The gambling in Poland space is fast-paced and competitive. Investing in the country’s gambling industry is a significant step. The returns will be better alongside the revenue to the government.

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