Your Ultimate Guide to Surfing & Other Experiences in Nosara

While it may be one of the most popular tourist hotspots for several reasons, there’s one specific activity that sets Nosara apart from all the other places around Costa Rica. Yes, we are talking about surfing activities that this spot offers to the visitors. 

Your Ultimate Guide to Surfing & Other Experiences in Nosara

Surfing is one of the primary activities that tops the list of things to do near Nosara Costa Rica for all its travelers. The sun, waves, and sand…. Nosara makes its place among the world’s top surf towns. One of those quieter communities around Costa Rica, this town is aligned by a number of beaches that offer excellent waves for surfers to sharpen their skills. 

So, want to explore some of the best surfing spots around Nosara? Looking forward to polishing your surfing skills while in Nosara? Well, that depends on your knowledge of the place. Stick to the piece to find out some of the best surfing spots around the beach town. 

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Overview of Nosara’s Lifestyle

Nosara is majorly accompanied by clear skies, unlike the heave rage atmosphere like Puerto Viejo or Tamarindo. During your stay, you can easily cruise some wonderful waves for at least two sessions in a single day.

Nosara combines some of the best accommodations, eateries that are pocket-friendly and serve you with lip-smacking food. There are three different beaches around Nosara so that you won’t have to surf around a big lineup. 

First time ever to go surfing!

Nosara isn’t packed with tall skyscrapers or fancy resorts in a town. Instead, it is a town that maintains its close relationship with nature. Instead, the town is well-equipped with boutique-style hotels and tons of surf schools, Tico souvenir stores, yoga studios, and other such stores.

Overall, Nosara is the perfect spot to give you a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

The Five Main Breaks around Nosara 

  1. Bocas del Nosara:

Also known by the name Nosara Rivermouth, Bocas del Nosara is a surfing spot for the pros. This least crowded, challenging surfing spot is situated around one kilometer away from Pelada. Opening up with the Pacific Ocean at its juncture, Nosara Rivermouth is accompanied by big waves that cover the rocky break. 

However, the shallow swells and barrelling waves are not a treat for everyone. With the extreme waves and all the rocks, this surfer’s paradise is only limited to surfers who have advanced skills. 

  1. Playa Pelada:

Nosara’s second spot, Playa Pelada, is a great beach to come along with your family. When compared to Bocas del Nosara, this beach is perfect for spending quality time with the kids with many friendly waves. Its white sands make it a great spot to construct those sandcastles on. 

However, its rock and reef outcroppings help in creating a volcanic reef surf break. A good option for both beginners and amateurs, the Playa gets decent north swells. Accompanied by some great beachfront eateries, the Playa Pelada is considered one of the best beaches in Nosara. 

  1. Playa Guiones:

Making its place as the top surfing spot in Nosara, the Playa Guiones is known for its beginner-friendly, versatile breaks that make it perfect for beginners. Interestingly, you can enjoy both high and low tide along the white sand beach. 

The versatile whitewater waves make Playa Guiones makes it an excellent spot for advanced surfers as well. Its 14 feet waves are great to hone your skills. Another reason that makes Playa Guiones the chart-topper is the numerous activities that it has to offer. If you are not into surfing, you can still enjoy several engaging activities around the beach. The spot is filled with numerous restaurants, hotels, and businesses, covering the coastline. 

  1. Playa Ositonal 

Once you have discovered all the occupied beaches, it’s time to move towards the more calm and quieter ones. One such beach is the Playa Ositonal, which you will find, once you keep heading north of the Playa Pelada. Home to hollow, strong waves, this popular break gives the best surfing experience in the first two months of the year. 

Playa Ostional is home to some great swells that you can catch, flowing from all the directions, from West, Northwest, and Southwest. Unlike the waves at Playa Pelada, the waves are consistent and can rise over 300 meters in height. However, that’s not even the best part about this beach. You’ll find some great Olive Ridley Sea Turtles that occasionally visit this beach.

  1. Playa Garza

The last option in our list is for those travelers that either want to indulge in some soul surfing on a rather empty beach or simply want some insta worthy images for their feed. The Playa Garza is a great beach with the least crowd. This deserted beach is encompassed by reefs that run both inside and outside and break in both directions. However, the waves here can be a little inconsistent at times. 

The waves at Playa Garza change during the events of a high tide, making the water rise up to chest high. Its isolated nature makes the Playa Garza one of the most delightful places for surfers. However, you might also come across fishers and other seafarers while you visit the beach. 

Esplanade and Beach

Okay, the chances are that you have had enough of surfing at Costa Rica’s Wellness Capital. Relax, the town is not only limited to surfers and surfing schools. You can experience a lot of things, Nosara is home to some of the most wonderful stays, beautiful spots for visitors, and some soul-satisfying food that’ll leave you asking for more. Happy Exploring!  


Nosara is, without a doubt, a mesmerizing holiday spot for visitors of all kinds and types. Be it the people, the affordable stay, or the waves that set the vibe of the place, Nosara is home to a great, soothing atmosphere.

Everyone here is a friend, guide, and surfing instructor on the sea. We hope you make the most of your stay and sharpen your surfing skills during your stay. Enjoy Nosara! 

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