Backpacking in Sri Lanka: The Most Impressive Places That You Can Visit

Sri Lanka is one of the most impressive places in the world that you can visit right away. Not only is it a lot of fun to check out, but with so many incredible places to see, it’s easy to immerse yourself into the experience. The country is stunning, and aside from great views, you also have all kinds of fun activities to try out.

galle sri lanka backpacker

Backpacking in Galle, Sri Lanka.

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Dambulla Cave Temple

The Dambulla Cave Temple is stunning and it will show you how masterful people were in those times. Not only is the construction great, but the interior is full of statues and different religious monuments. It’s an amazing experience and one that you will enjoy just because it’s unlike anything else out there. This is a new construction, it’s not very old, and you will have to go towards the top of the mountain to see this. But it’s worth it.

Go on an Elephant safari

There are elephants in Sri Lanka, and being able to see them during an Elephant safari is very exciting. It’s a refreshing and also rewarding experience, so you do want to give them a shot yourself and just enjoy the herds right in front of you. Elephants are a major part of the Indian culture, and with this kind of safari you can be very close to them, which is really nice.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sigiriya Rock Fortress is definitely one of the top attractions for most of us. The rock fortress is roughly 1500 years old and it was built by a man that killed the king, his father, just to steal the throne. Not only is it an incredible story, but the view is incredible too.

The ancient city of Polonnaruwa

While there’s not a lot of stuff left from the Polonnaruwa ancient city, what you can see here is still amazing. There are many similarities to other Khmer temples in the region. It’s interesting to see how people celebrated their gods during the 10th and 12th century. Thankfully, Polonnaruwa is quite well preserved considering its age.

Exploring the Kandy streets

Kandy is a city in Sri Lanka and one of the largest ones in the region. There are lots of shops and street merchants in there, and the city itself is vibrant and fun to explore. There’s a mountain vibe related to it, but that’s very interesting and immersive, and you should consider checking it out!

Horton Plains National Park

National parks are heavily treasured in Sri Lanka, and that’s for a very good reason. The Horton Plains National Park itself has a lot of flora and fauna that seamlessly brings in front a huge biodiversity. The region has mists during the day, so you need to travel at dawn if you want to reach this place. But it’s well worth visiting it anyway and you will certainly cherish all the results and experience. Aside from that, you also have the Yala National Park, so there’s no shortage of great places to explore and go adventuring in. You just need to see which one is more accessible. Taking on a guide is a very good idea, so you may want to consider that.

Sri Lanka’s Southern Beaches

I like the idea of visiting the southern beaches in Sri Lanka because they are a lot of fun. They are not crowded, and you can finally enjoy some peace and quiet as well as some great baths. The beach infrastructure might not be huge here, but what you will find there will be very exciting and more than enough to offer you a very good experience.

Galle Fort

I would also recommend the Galle Fort because it’s one of the few European vestiges in the region. There aren’t that many European vestiges here, so it’s extremely important to see this one. You can clearly see the style and visuals resemble European Castles in the medieval times.

Royal Botanical Gardens

You can’t go to Sri Lanka without visiting the stunning Royal Botanical Gardens. These beautiful gardens will take your breath away when it comes to their looks and the quality that they can provide. It’s staggering and a clear indication of the features being brought to the table. One thing is certain, the Royal Botanical Gardens are unlike any other botanical garden in the region. They have a plethora of great trees and plants from the region, and the way everything is colored and how it looks will impress you right away.

Final thoughts

I love Sri Lanka and I am sure you love it too. The experience is staggering and a lot of fun, and you have a wide array of things to do and places to experience. If you like the idea of exploring foreign countries and just enjoying the moment, then Sri Lanka is a great destination. Despite not being a large place to check out, the historical value and staggering experiences will be extremely interesting. Plus, you also have a vibrant night life, lots of gifts shops and events you can attend as well!

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