Want to Be An Employee? Start By Writing a Powerful Resume Summary

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or have spent a couple of years in the workforce, it’s often hard to summarize yourself in a few lines. And it’s this summary that has the greatest impact on your chances of landing the best job. In fact, it serves as your elevator pitch. It can either convince the hiring manager to continue looking through your resume in detail or simply move on to another one.

Want to Be An Employee? Start By Writing a Powerful Resume Summary

Take a look at the following guidelines that would help you create a powerful resume summary that’ll actually help you secure your dream job.

Utilize the Job Description

Utilize the keywords featured in the job description to craft a powerful “experience” section. Pick relevant skills and match them to your concrete professional strengths as well as experiences.

For instance, you can provide information about the years of experience you’ve in the summary. This makes your resume easy to read and allows the hiring manager to focus on other relevant skills.

Make It Short and Clear

Your resume summary should be precise and clear. Make it less than three sentences. Remember, hiring managers are only going to spend a few seconds scanning each resume.

Look at this example: Professional corporate receptionist with five years of experience providing exceptional customer care as well as administrative services.

This provides clear information regarding your professional expertise and work experience. In one sentence, you’ve summarized yourself, demonstrating your abilities as well as years of experience.

Highlight Your Strengths

What are your top skills? Are you capable of managing complicated projects? Do you have exceptional organization skills? And what successes have you achieved do to them? Create a list of all these and then interweave them with the employer’s skill requirements.

Research important skills of your target industry and always think from the recruiter’s perspective. Make sure that your resume highlights vital skills as well as the domain experience. This will ensure that the hiring manager understands who you truly are and what you’re capable of.

Don’t Feel Inexperienced

Simply because you’re a fresh graduate doesn’t mean you lack enough experience. The traits and skills you’ve developed can be transferred to the jobs you’re applying for at the beginning of your career. The same thing also applies to those who’re changing careers. Showcase your personality and strengths when relevant.

Believe in yourself. And let the world know who you’re. Let them feel your potential through your writing. Look for a creative way to communicate your passion, abilities, as well as skills.

The Bottom-Line

A powerful resume comes with patience plus a hawk eye. Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager who has read over a hundred resumes in a single day. Is there anything that stands out to you? How powerful does the resume sound? Does it address the company’s needs? Does it showcase the required experience and strengths? Great! Your resume has just paved way for you to join the interview pile. Create a good resume summary for exciting employment opportunities.

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