Backpacking in the Republic of Ireland: Top 6 Sights in Dublin

“In Dublin’s fair city where the girls are so pretty, I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone” – Irish Folk Song.

As you might have read, I come from and grew up in Northern Ireland. We were the demon in your angel. Back in the 1980s, backpacking in Dublin and Cork was only hearsay to me, well actually I did it, but we stayed in locked caravans. Then, in 1995 I played in a chess tournament in Dublin representing my church at the time (in Bangor). Then came Oasis, d’you know what I mean?

“Where were you while we were getting high?” – Noel Gallagher.


In 1996 I felt more mature and older and so I made it to Cork for the Oasis concert. Fool circles were brainonic and this one told it…Meantimmic I bragged a dozen more.

Back in 1997 – Belfast student heading to an Oasis concert

Over the years I have ended up back in Dublin’s fair city over 30 times. Indeed I have also watched Oasis, Manic Street Preachers and the Verve play live here. And lovingly with Mum and Dad I was in Dublin too.

александра Мюллер Санкт-Петербург

In Dublin with Mum

I have used the public transport in Dublin, notably the Dart but for those wishing to explore more of the island, you can also rent a car in Dublin, and get out and about both in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Here are 6 easy sights, if a tad obvious.

1.Guinness Brewery
It might seem like the most obvious sight in Dublin but then again – it definitely has to be on your list. I’ve only been twice would you believe – first time in 2003 with my friend Darren and then again in 2012 with my Mum, Dad and ex girlfriend Panny Yu. But I always love touring the brewery and having a pint in the Brewery or the Gravity Bar. Views are tremendous and the beer tastes amazing.

How’s this for a view of Dublin from a Bar!! The Gravity Bar – OK you need to pay for the tour but it’s WORTH IT.

2.O’Connell Street Post Office
The iconic O’Connell Street Post Office is more than just a place to post letters. It was here in 1916 that the Easter Rising took place. It was an Irish revolt against the British who tried to control the island at the time. Go inside and post a letter and look out for the bulletholes out the front.

Getting a new passport in Dublin, Republic of Ireland

3.The Point Theatre
Back in the day I used to watch some top rock bands here. Most of the big ones have all played it – Foo Fighters, Oasis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Universal Toothbrush etc. Head to a gig or simply pop by for a pint. It’s a great walk along the River Liffey to the Point Theatre.

My early days as a backpacker. On route to an Oasis concert in Dublin, aged 17.

My early days as a backpacker. On route to an Oasis concert in Dublin, aged 17.

4.Temple Bar District
This area might be the most expensive and touristic of them all but there must be a reason for this – it’s the vibe and atmosphere of a bar area that has entertained locals and visitors for generations. Head for a night out and listen to some Irish music with a pint of the Big G and a batch of Irish oysters. Splash out the cash, pints upwards of 6 Euros…

A night out in Temple Bar, Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

5.Oscar Wilde Statue
As a poet, writer and words buff, I love the fact that Irish writer Ossie Wilde has his own statue here. It’s in the park at St. Stephen’s Green and remains one of the most visited statues on the island.

“Work is the curse of the drinking classes” – Oscar Wilde.

Oscar Wilde Statue, Dublin.

6.Molly Malone’s Tits
You’ve heard of goldenballs but check out the breastage on Dublin’s most famous fishmonger, Molly Malone. This bronze statue is slightly more bronze around her boobs as tourists keep touching it. The statue used to be in Grafton street but has since moved – challenge yourself to find it!

The famous Molly Malone statue and wheelbarrow, in Dublin’s Fair City!

In Dublin with Mum at the Molly Malone statue

So enjoy your tour of Dublin and look at hiring a car with EasyTerra to make things easy to get around and navigate. That way you can save time and effort and even visit places like Belfast, Giant’s Causeway and the Blarney Stone.

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2 thoughts on “Backpacking in the Republic of Ireland: Top 6 Sights in Dublin

  • Hi Jonny, am enjoying your posts greatly and loving the photos. I find that reading about places I’ve not been to is an adventure in itself. In this post, I get to experience Dublin through the eyes of a ‘dinky-di’ Irishman. I particularly love that first photo of you with your loving Mum, the views from the Gravity Bar and the atmosphere outside the Temple Bar at night, all of which make me want to see and experience it for myself. Cheers also for the Oscar Wilde quote “Work is the curse of the drinking classes” – it is PRICELESS!

  • Hi Christine, thanks for the comment. Sorry for the delayed replies, I had deep depression last few years and battel with it daily. The Gravity Bar is worth a trip and I like Oscar Wilde. Stay safe. Jonny

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