Why Must You Ask These 3 Questions Before Making Hotel Reservations?

Why Must You Ask These 3 Questions Before Making Hotel Reservations?

Travelling is one of the pleasant ways humankind has found to treat their self. Getting away from the real life and gallivanting is the sheer moment of delight. To travel is to have fun and you must be planning a vacation every time you think you are tired of the routine.

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Why Must You Ask These 3 Questions Before Making Hotel Reservations?

Thinking of traveling is easy, deciding the destination is even easier. What comes next is an arduous task; the task of making travel schedules and hotel bookings is a bit tedious. There is nothing more heartbreaking than getting a hotel room you never wanted.



As soon as you enter the hotel room and reality hits you, you get desperate to make all the required changes you wanted to have. To let this never happen to you, make sure to ask below-given questions before making the room reservation.:

  1. What is the location?

It is essential to know the exact location of the hotel you are planning to stay in for your vacation. Whether it is a matter of a day or many days, you would need an accommodation where you can have a peaceful stay. So, must check the hotel location before you decide to book. Is it in the middle of the crowded city area? Is it too close to some city attractions? If so, there would be noisy atmosphere right out of your window most of the time.

Why Must You Ask These 3 Questions Before Making Hotel Reservations?

Instead, ensure if the hotel location is a bit in a secluded area of the city and yet near to the public transport. It would give you some quiet time as well as the convenience of traveling once place to another. Moreover, checking your desired hotel’s location is super easy. Just pull out your smartphone and search for it on the Google Maps.

  1. Is the room away from ice machine and elevators?

Imagine that you have just come back after a wonderful yet tiring city tour. As soon as you hit the bed, you learn that the constant voice of elevators a the reason for your disturbed sleep. In another case, if your room is right next to the ice machine, you would hear people talking, laughing all night. That’s because yes, people who party all night use more of the ice machine, right?


Before making the reservation or paying for your room, ask hotel management to place you away from these two particular places. It is better in case you are with your kids who might wake up with little noise. If you are a solo woman traveler and prefer a room near an elevator for safety purpose, come prepared with your noise cancellation earplugs to get some good night sleep.

  1. How are the rooms and the facilities provided within?

The room you want to book is the place you would rest after an exhausting day. It has to be featured with certain facilities and qualities especially when you are spending a small fortune to experience some luxury.

– Ask for the latest model or the newly renovated room for accommodation. It is pretty obvious that no hotel would renovate all the room altogether. The process goes on a rolling basis and thus, the types of the room can vary as per customers requirement. There would be a huge range of variety in the same category of rooms. Ask for the latest one to find all the brand new feel. In addition, If you are allergic to fresh paint, varnish or new carpet smell, avoid such rooms.

Why Must You Ask These 3 Questions Before Making Hotel Reservations?

– Decide whether you want a room on higher floor or as lower as possible. If the hotel location is in a quiet area, a higher floor would provide you with a great view from your room window or balcony. Nonetheless, if you want to fuller view of city lifestyle, you might want to have a room on the lower floor so that you can have a look of city-life sitting in your room. Room with a view is a thing. Try to know where can you get the best view as this sight would give you memories to cherish for a lifetime.

– Last most crucial thing you need to ensure is upgraded facilities within the room. Make sure there is no shared bathroom, all the things are working properly from faucets to the switches. Also, check the Wi-Fi availability and its speed. It is important if you are on a business trip and need to work in your hotel room. Internet availability and speed are anyway important regardless of your reasons to travel.

Follow these simple tips to make the best hotel bookings and have a dream room. There are countless hotels but, if you want to have the best in an affordable way, use online coupons to save on hotels. Once you check on these details, you surely would get the right room and would never regret your choice for making the hotel reservations.

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