Backpacking in Turkey: Things That Are a Must Experience in Cappadocia

turkey cappadocia sunrise

Sunrise in Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey.

Traveling is something that is far from fun. It is a blend of various experiences resulting in some of the great lessons for life.  While travelling you get near to many different cultures, traditions, foods, people, way of lives, and so many things that you perhaps can’t even know exist in different parts of the world.

By exploring different places in the world, one can be full of happening moments and joyful by experiencing them so close. To fill the quench of travel desire one needs to create the hunger of gaining more and more through visiting distinct places.

On route to Adana: Leaving our cave villa in Goreme that morning at 6am.

Cappadocia is an amazing natural wonder site situated in Turkey located on a high plateau with beautiful rocks. It is particularly characterized by its culture, religion, unique cultural and historical patrimony. The wonderland offers some of the exquisite occurring to create the best memory in your travel book.

Some of the best venues and locations that you should experience in Cappadocia are as follows:

  • Goreme

It is a place in Cappadocia for a perfect base for lodging and sightseeing can be started from here. Much open-air museum, love valley, red valley, and hot air balloon ride can be found nearby from this place.

Staying in a Cave Villa in Goreme!

  • Cave hotels

One should go to stay in cave hotels as it provides very basic but the natural type of facilities which are very popular there.

  • Rose and red valley

The valleys are a great spot for tourist to fetch some beautiful memories for life. As all the rock in the valley is made of volcanic ash, so it can crumble easily. The erosion gives its shapes. Many different minerals create color in different parts of the terrain.

rocky terrain canyon

Why Going On The Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Should Be On Your Bucket List!

  • Hot air balloon ride

This ride can fill you with positive energy and one can look at the whole insight at one go by riding a hot air balloon.

Admiring Cappadocia, Turkey.

  • Fairy chimneys at love valley

Fairy chimneys are cylindrical structures with pointed tops that supposed to look like chimneys by prospering in love valley.

  • Uchisar castle

In your trip of Cappadocia, you should visit Uchisar castle as it is one of the best manmade phenomenal things over there. Walking around and exploring these caves will let you go through the crumble texture of the wall of the caves.

  • Pigeon caves

These caves are made for the housing pigeons as the name suggests. You will watch a good number of pigeons residing there.

Sunrise in Goreme, Cappadocia.

  • Derinkuyu underground city

Out of many underground cities in Cappadocia, this is the main one. There are seven subterranean levels in this city. The city serves as the shelter for the Christians who were running and saving their lives from the Romans from being executed

Many Cappadocia tour packages are available at lowest rates through various online websites as well as from many tourism companies available in your nearest location. All these places are some of the exotic places and venues deserving to be explored by people.

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