Backpacking in Italy: Top 5 Sights in Capri

Backpacking in Italy: Top 5 Sights in Capri

Capri is a bacpacker’s dream when touring Italy. An island of colours, views, relaxation, good food and pure fire travel joys. With the Blue Grotto being the main sight to see, I lined up a crazy top 5 to keep you all on your toes when you backpack this gem. First of all, to get there, you should use OK Ferry, for their easy to book, pleasurable ferry to Capri.

Here are five top things to see on the magical island of Capri.

1.The Blue Grotto
The world famous and number one backpacking sight has to be the Blue Grotto. This is a 150 metre deep sea cave on the island’s coast. It is 50 metres into the island’s surface and has a sand bottom. A photographers paradise, and a tourist’s dream. Enjoy this spectacle and feast for your eyes.

The Blue Grotto, Capri

2.Santa Sofia Church, Anacapri
Italy being a proud and patriotic nation, as you may have read about from my tour of the bordering Vatican City State, or my time touring Venice and Rome. So in this case you should try and visit at least one church in Capri. Recommended comes the white and pretty Santa Sofia Church in Anacapri. Even better if you get to enjoy it by day sparkling in the sun and by night, go to a mass.

Santa Sofia Church, Anacapri

3.Villa San Michele
Italian coastal villas have a charm like no other and most tourists love a trip to the inspiring Villa San Michele. You don’t come away disappointed with superb views, amazing architecture and decor fit for a noble man or Italian King.

Villa San Michele

The villa’s gardens have stunnigating panoramic views of the harbour, the Peninsula and the infamous/famous Mount Vesuvius. It is also 327 metres above sea level. Grab some good food and Italian wine and basque in the glory. As a bonus, San Michele’s gardens are adorned with many adorable relics and works of art dating back to Egyptian times.

4.Piazza Umberto Primo
The main square, also dubbed “the little square” is a cute place by day and night and for years has acted as some kind of haven and meeting place. For church lovers, there is a second church here and enough food in bars, cafes and restaurants nearby to satisfy your desires.

Piazza Umberto Primo

5.Monte Solaro
Again epic views and gorgeous scenery will take your breath away here in little Capri. Monte Solaro is a with an elevation of 589 m, its peak is the highest point of Capri. So for this reason you can head to the top and feel on top of the island for a few minutes as well as using your camera for the best views your heart could wish for.

Monte Solaro

So what are you waiting for? Get out and see Capri before it becomes a much bigger tourist hub, which of course it merits.

Safe travels!

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