Backpacking Through India: 5 Highlights

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo 

India is a land of contrasts. You can never get enough of this country even if you dedicate an entire lifetime exploring it. The colourful amalgamation of modernity and ethnicity is plain mesmerizing. It’s an absolute delight to a backpacker’s nomadic heart.

Charming Encounters in Rajasthan, India

Backpacking in India


1.Taj Mahal
Starting from one of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal is simply breath taking. Standing tall and majestic on the banks of Yamuna, it makes for a picturesque view. A view which is quite possibly hard to forget.

2.Beaches of Goa
Or if you are a beach person, the country has ample to offer in that arena too. The wild feisty beaches of Goa, calming backwaters of Kerala or the long stretches of coastline flanked with palm trees.

Chilling on the beach

Chilling on the beach

3.Dancing with the Banjaras
The colorful display of culture is hands down the highlight of this country. The festivals and folklore make up for an enchanting contribution to your tapestry of memories. And if you’re adventurous enough, you wouldn’t miss being an active part of it all. Go dance with the Banjaras, meditate with the monks and let the serene atmosphere sink in or even better go on a shopping spree in the markets of the capital cities. You will not be disappointed.

4. Crazy Transportation
Traveling in India is pretty easy with all kinds of crazy transportation modes available. It’s not only cheap but covers almost every nook and corner of the country like bus, train, rickshaw, elephant. Getting around is easier when you’re well aware of how to make use of discounts and offers. For example, you could opt for Goibibo coupons and make travel deals which help you save money for the greater part of your travel.

Pune, India

An elephant in India

5. Lip-smacking cuisines
Whatever your travel plan or destination is, India is one country which will not only leave you amused but make you wish tour trip never ended. The food might tickle your taste buds and the spice will set your stomach on fire but it’ll probably be one of the best cuisines you’ve ever had. Trust me, on that. The myriad variety itself will asking for more.

So, get your bags packed and gear up for one hell of a destination called India! Incredible, indeed!

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