Tuesday’s Travel Problems: Losing Data, Backing up Data

Earlier in the year, I lost my travel photos for about the fourth or fifth time as well as 47 chapters of a book I’ve been working on. Did I back up my data? Yes I did, the back up ideas all failed (hard drive had broke, laptop was beyond repair, dropbox was full) and the only photos I had left were thanks to my friend called Facebook, the only videos thanks to YouTube and the only chapters of the book that remained were because I e-mailed them to myself. Time for a re-think.

Tuesday's Travel Problems: Losing Data, Backing up Data

Tuesday’s Travel Problems: Losing Data, Backing up Data

I got in touch with an expert at data recovery in my home town, Craig Kennedy and he is currently looking at 12 of my previous broken hard drives! Yes, 12. I kid you not. If he recovers the data on any of these, I may again see my photos from 2003-2009 which were all lost as well as most of my Malaysia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Northern Ireland photos. It sometimes feels like I can’t write the story properly when I don’t have the photos as proof.

Recovering proof that I was really in Bulgaria.

Recovering proof that I was really in Bulgaria.

Looking at other alternatives for backing up my data, I found a Windows 10 backup online from Todo-Backup, so I’ve bookmarked it and stored it for reference. This one claims to be the best online backup software for PC, which suits me since I ditched that fruity laptop company. Here are some details on the EaseUS Todo Backup option. The most popular free backup software with over 6,000,000 home users.

  • Cloud backup solution – easy data backup to Google Drive, OneDrive & Dropbox
  • Free and reliable – backup & disaster recovery software for home users
  • Easy to install and use – intuitive interface guiding you step-by-step
  • One scalable solution – backup, disk clone, SSD migration & restore
  • Microsoft-compatible – support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Travel Problems: Losing Data, Backing up Data

  • Flickr is another good online service to use for backing up travel photos, as well. It’s really easy to use and you can store up to 1 TB of data for free! There is also a Flickr app you can download for your iPhone (not sure about Android phones) to back up your smart phone pictures, too. The only thing is that you are required to sign up for a Yahoo account. That could be a nuisance if you are on the road for long term travel and already have several other email accounts that you have to check on a regular basis.
    Ray recently posted…How to Spend 24 Hour in AtlantaMy Profile

  • Hi Ray, That’s great information. One thing I hate is all these websites and accounts that we sign up for. I’ve literally signed up for 500 of them and always submit a different password. I had a Yahoo and Flicker account years ago but I’ll never remember the passwords, got to write them down somewhere and then remember where I’ve written them! Safe travels. Jonny

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