Backpacking in the USA: Top 5 Sights in New York City

New York is a beast of a city and I have so far just visited it twice. It holds some great memories, we held the Big Apple – great backpacking times with my friend Nina from Germany and Cassiano from Brazil. I first backpacked NYC in 2007, it was the same time I started this travel blog, if you remember my early cringeworthy posts on New York City?


Backpacking in the USA: Top 5 Sights in New York City

So for once, here is a very simple, touristic and obvious top 5 sights when touring New York City. I would love to have a post on “top x sights” for all of the 850+ towns, cities and villages I have visited so far. Maybe some day. Here’s the magic and easy top 5:

1.Empire State Building
The Empire State building has to be on the list and I don’t just mean head to the bottom for a selfie. Get some Empire state building tickets sorted and do it properly. Cassiano, Nina and I headed to the top of this iconic building for a viewpoint over the city. It was fantastic. I loved it.

Jonny Blair in New York

In 2007 I visited the Empire State Building in New York – the photo only exists thanks to Don’t Stop Living and Facebook!

Backpacking in NYC, USA

That unmistakable New York City Skyline which I once saw as a backpacker in 2007.

aces and eights saloon new york city

Empire State Building, NYC

Backpacking in New York City, USA in 2007.

Backpacking in New York City, USA in 2007.

2.Statue of Liberty
Also iconic and unmissable, head away from Manhattan to the Liberty Island. Here is housed the green Statue of Liberty. Yes, selfies may be taken and you may even wear a silly billy hat like me!! Statue of Liberty tickets are definitely worth the price!

Statue of Liberty

3.Brooklyn Bridge
It’s free to walk across Brooklyn Bridge which is one of the reasons I liked it. You could watch the cars go by, admire the views and suddenly we had left Manhattan island and we now in the district of Brooklyn.

Backpacking in New York City, USA in 2007.

Brooklyn Bridge

4.Times Square
One of the best places to visit as day turns to night is Times Square. It might be full of tourists but remember, this is New York City and don’t be a hypocrite – you are a tourist too. I even visited the Hooters nearby and enjoyed a pizza and a beer overlooking this mayhem.

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5.Wall Street
Another Movie scene venue, the iconic Wall Street here is worth a jaunt. I came here to work on my blog as opposed to don a suit and become the next Gordon Gecko.

Outside Wall Street 2007

Backpacking in Wall Street New York City 2007

I guess I will have to make a third trip to New York at some point. I am still keen to whackpack as many micronations and unrecognised countries as I can and a few of them are housed within the USA borders (and Canada). Plus, I’d love to tour the Polish part of New York City, I never visited it before.

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