Tips to Get Your Social Security Number When Moving to US

Tips to Get Your Social Security Number When Moving to US

If you’re planning to stay or work in the United States, then it is mandatory for you to get your Social Security Number. A 9-digit unique number which is used to validate your identity and to avail government services and benefits. This article provides you with a brief description of SSN and tips to be followed to get your SSN card easily.  

How to Get Your SSN? 

The first and foremost question that your employer asks when you join for a job is your Social Security Number. If you’re 18 years and above and have started earning, then it is important to get your SSN. Then, you may wonder how to get the SSN? For that, you can either apply it through the online portal, or you can seek the help of an agency. The application process is not that much daunting, and you’re supposed to pay fees to get your SSN. A fee amount of $39 is to be paid to get your SSN.  

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If you have never had your SSC number, for sure, you must have faced several issues in getting your first job or in availing government services. So, therefore, it is important to apply for this card as soon as possible.  

The application procedure for this card comes along with several rules and specifications that have to be followed precisely. The first step is to fill in all the necessary details in the proprietary application. This, in turn, auto-fills the necessary form and other information that are necessary to get your SSC number.  

Automated application procedure prepopulates your SS-5 application and at the same time, ensures that the information entered are accurate.  

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One can easily get their SSC number by simply following the below steps: 

  • The first step is to select the circumstance, means if this is your first card, or applying for a replacement card, or name change. 
  • Based on the choice of circumstance, you must answer the prompts; the application will ask you a series of questions. Based on the answers you fill in the questionnaire, your SS-5 application will be filled in automatically.  
  • Once you’ve completed the application, check it once and submit it for the review.  
  • After submission, you must proceed for the payment. An amount of $39 is to be paid to process your application. This payment is done through a secure and trusted payment gateway. Once the payment is made successful, you can download the form.  
  • After the completion of the payment, you can download the resource guide from the same portal.  

If you feel like the application process to be a little tedious or daunting, you can either seek the help of an agency, or you can contact the helpline. The helpline support consists of trained professionals who are available for 24/7 at your service.  

Also, an important point to be noted that the application must be filled in precisely and all the information that you fill in must be valid and accurate. Along with the application form, you must also submit some relevant documents that are necessary to get your SSC number.  



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