The Best Way to Board Your Pets While You’re Traveling

While you’re booking travel arrangements for your next big adventure, there’s also that nagging question about what to do with your pet family at home, you might have read recently about my family dog Rocky and his diet.  It takes extra coordination to find a suitable place for boarding your pets, and it’s essential to put your mind at ease with a trusted pet caregiver.  If you want to find something more cozy and personable than the traditional pet boarding spots, get on for an online network of qualified pet sitters nationwide.   

The Best Way to Board Your Pets While You’re Traveling

You’ve Got Options

Rover pet sitters offer a wide range of services.  Depending on the length of your trip and your pet care preferences, you can find a pet sitter to board your pets at their home or have a sitter come stay at your place to take care of your pets.  Even if you’re taking a simple day trip, you’ll find a pet sitter who provides daycare.  If you’re considering taking your pets on your travels, has thousands of pet sitters across the U.S. and Canada.  Search out your destination city for pet sitters and dog walkers who are available to help care for your pets wherever you land.  

“Rocky boy” – Our Family Dog: Rocky and His New Pure Dog Food

It’s Easy And Efficient

Everything is online.  Rover pet sitters post their availability, rates, and services on their profile, so you can search for what you need.  Sitters also post pictures as well as share their skills and experience.  View their reviews and ratings from other pet owners who have worked with them.   Once you’ve narrowed down to your favorite pet sitter and are ready to book your appointment, it’s all done at the click of a button.  You’ll schedule and pay your pet sitter online through a secured network.  This is a hassle-free experience for you and the sitter.

Rocky and I in Donaghadee

Your Pets Get Personal Attention

A Rover pet sitter can become fast friends with your pets because they love what they do.  This isn’t an overcrowded dog kennel.  Your pets are getting one-on-one personal time with your pet sitter.  Every Rover sitter has passed a background check and has been approved by a team of pet sitting experts.  Rover cares that your pets get the best.   Make sure you setup a meet and greet before you leave your pets with a new sitter for an extended stay.  If you take the time to have your pets get related to your new sitter, they won’t even know you’re gone.  Rover pet sitters also have premium insurance and 24/7 access to a support team if there are any emergencies.  

Rocky and I in Donaghadee

You can set your travel spirit free and still give your pets the best care possible.  You’ll quickly find a pet sitter is essential for your lifestyle.  Even when you’re not flying off to your next escapade, your sitter can be available for those quick drop-in visits or dog walks while you’re busy with other plans.  Check out Rover’s Steps to Finding the Perfect Dog Sitter as you search for the best pet sitter for your furry friends.

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