Our Family Dog: Rocky and His New Pure Dog Food, Perfect for Picky and Sensitive Dogs

“Rocky boy” – Our Family Dog: Rocky and His New Pure Dog Food

Sometimes, I need to take a break from travel completely and I guess I generally do that on my trips home to Northern Ireland, despite my 2014 Northern Ireland tour. When I return to my sensational Northern Irish homeland, one star of my show was never given much publicity on here – my family’s dog Rocky. Here he is…I wrote his name on sand back in 2009 on a trip home…

Our Family Dog: Rocky and His New Pure Dog Food

Rocky continued to be the star of the show on Skype calls, What’s App messages and calls home through my 151 country journey which saw me wind up in Poland. While Poland stole my heart and is the first place I have settled in for longer than a consecutive year since Bournemouth 2008 – 2009. It beggars my own belief that was almost a decade ago.

In my hometown of Bangor, Northern Ireland with Rocky, our family dog.

When I returned home in October 2014 to watch Northern Ireland play Faroe Islands, my brothers were all there and we got Rocky boy, being a male and a Cairn Terrier (Northern Irish born) with a football hat to celebrate. It was rare to find all three of my brothers together in the same room, having a beer, wearing the same shirts and for sure Rocky was excited.

Marko, Rocky (the dog), Danny and I – the Blair brothers in 2014

A few photos of Rocky down the years…

Rocky and I in Donaghadee

Rocky the dog

Rocky and I in Donaghadee

Dad and Rocky

Pure Dog Food
Thanks to the UK based company, Pure Pet Food, who cater for dogs with “fussy diets” and “picky and sensitive dogs”, we recently converted Rocky to Pure Dog Food –https://purepetfood.co.uk/chicken-dinner – we chose the “Chicken Dinner” option which contains the equivalent of
– 13 chicken breasts
– 20 Parsnips
– 400g chicken liver
– 6 potatoes
– 4.5 bunches of carrots
– 500g green beans
– 1 cabbage
– 2.25 apples

Pure Dog Food – chicken dinner

It is a grain free dry mixture, which you then add water to, let it sit for 10 minutes and it’s ready to serve!

Chicken Dinner mix from Pure Dog Food

Chicken Dinner mix from Pure Dog Food

Rocky and his Pure Dog Food

Pure Dog Food

SO if you have a picky, fussy or sensitive dog, this is the stuff for you – there are different sizes and flavours. All orders within the UK over £20 have free delivery, here are the full details:

Pet Product Innovation of the Year Award Winners  – PetQuip
+44 (0) 1422 379 007
[email protected]

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