Brussels Airlines Prepare to Join The Shitlist: 10 Weeks After Their Theft

It’s now 10 weeks since the corrupt, racist and nasty company Brussels Airlines stole my backpack and sent me into deep depression and suicidal thoughts. They still haven;t replied to me after I claimed for the $ 1,754.55 that they owe me (it’s actually more than that – I was lenient on them this time). Next time, I won’t be so lenient. They’ll be added to the SHITLIST of world’s worst airlines.

Brussels Airlines Prepare to Join The Shitlist: 10 Weeks After Their Theft

From: Jonny Blair <[email protected]>
Sent: 21 May 2019 14:31
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Case no. 1904-SN-05558

No. The receipts would clog up your inbox. I’ll be sending you thousands of files including photos of all clothes I bought. Besides you stole my backpack in AFRICA where most markets don’t issue receipts, so this is why I charge you more as I have to print all receipts myself. So I’ll add the extra printing charges for you too now, well done you now owe me more than $ 1,754.55.
Get ready to go bankrupt as you owe me thousands and it’s now into week 7 so the interest keeps rising.
(nice trick trying to ignore my previous email and claim so I’ve sent it again 😉

List of what Brussels Airlines owe me, Jonny Scott Blair for the TEN week theft of my luggage. Due to the nature of this offence, the airline will also be charged an additional 5% interest on all costs incurred.

Electrical Equipment
Power adapter for laptop – $10
Connector for African sockets – $5

Clothes and equipment
AFC Bournemouth football shirt – $45
Northern Ireland football shirt limited edition – $70
Rare Monster Punk t-shirt – $100
Rare Zombie Punk t-shirt – $100
Cover for my backpack (which was also later rain damaged) – $10
Blanket for cold weather – $10
Tracksuit bottoms – $20
Shorts – $10
Swimming trunks – $10
Denim shorts – $20
Boxer shorts x 6 – $15
Socks x 6 – $12
Pillow – $5
Torch – $15
Waterproof jacket – $55
Poncho – $2
Baseball cap (limited edition Saudi Arabian tour) – $10
Thermal hat – $5
(Not claimed for – other shirts, jackets and t-shirts to a value for approx. $150 )
SUB TOTAL – $ 514

Food and drink
2 bottles of European water (unavailable in Africa) – $5
1 bottle of Tymbark (unavailable in Africa) – $5
2 x Roger chocolate bars (unavailable in Africa) – $5

Toiletries and pharmaceutical products
Insect repellent – $10
Anti mosquito tablets – $5
Anti malaria tablets – $20
Deodorant – $5
Soap and shampoo – $4
Razors and shaving foam – $4
Men’s facial cream – $4
First aid box including bandages and cream – $30
Facial wipes – $4
Toothpaste – $3
Toothbrush – $3

Damages and items that I had to sell
Samsung mobile phone – $500
Rain damage for backpack – $10
SUB TOTAL – $510

Trauma, stress, phone calls, psychiatrist appointments, suicide notes, sleepless nights, time wasted on emails, frustration all related to the theft of the backpack by Brussels Airlines – $500

Petrol money from customer to collect HIS OWN backpack from the airport – $40


Total bill before interest – $1,671

Interest accrued – $83.55

TOTAL BILL OWED – $ 1,754.55

I have full copies of photos (130 files), receipts and all documents related to your theft and will not hesitate to report you to the police if this is not paid ASAP.

I look forward to hearing from you.

From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
Sent: 21 May 2019 10:03
To: [email protected]
Subject: Case no. 1904-SN-05558

Dear Mr. Blair,


Thank you for your email.

Please allow me to apologise on behalf of Brussels Airlines for the delay of your luggage. I completely understand your disappointment and hope you will accept my sincere apologies on behalf of Brussels Airlines.

To further handle your claim, I kindly request if you could send me the receipts of purchases made due to the delay of your luggage.

Once I have received this information, I will complete your file and get back in touch with you with my decision.

I kindly await your confirmation upon receipt of this email.


Kind regards,



Raewyn Jones
Customer Relations agent |  Customer Relations

________________________________________________ | Brussels Airport | Airport bld 26 box 1a.4 | General Aviation – Ringbaan | B-1831 Diegem | Belgium
phone: +32 2 723 85 70

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