Buy Your Own Island by Danny Flood: The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Free and Making Your Dreams a Reality

You know that feeling you get? You just want control. You want to be your own boss. You want to own your own island and stick your own flag in it and pour an ice cold beer from that fridge as you watch the sun sink. Yeah, that one.

Buy Your Own Island by Danny Flood

Buy Your Own Island by Danny Flood

This is the book for it. Written with passion, experience and enthusiasm by lifestyle designer, entrepreneur and traveller Danny Flood, this is “Buy Your Own Island”. Buy Your Own Island: The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Free and Making Your Dreams Reality

atauro island beloi

Relaxing on the beach at Beloi, Atauro Island, East Timor recently. Chilling out.

What intrigued me to the book was the title!! You know how crazy I am about these “disputed regions” (such as Palestine), these newborn countries (such as Kosovo), these self declared Republics (Nagorno Karabakh) and these Barely known Micronations (Christiania and Uzupis). You can form your own country, you can buy your own island if you put your mind to it…

But this is not a book about buying islands, in the literal sense. It’s a metaphor and a challenge to take your craziest, most outlandish dreams and make them reality, exactly as these individuals have done. The only limit is your imagination. A similar manifesto of my own life in many ways, where Don’t Stop Living was my motto in life, long before it was my website.

I said to Danny “What’s the book about?”

Several years ago, I dreamt day and night about the kind of life I wanted – the one I deserved – but reality painted a different picture. I was an unemployed college graduate, broke and alone. Then one day I gathered three friends in a coffee shop, and we wrote down a list of the craziest “dream goals” that we could imagine. Each of us made a vow that day to do whatever it took in order to make them reality.

It took a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but eventually I managed to make almost every single dream goal a reality. I have been traveling the world for the last 5 years, heading wherever the wind takes me. I spend about a month or two in each country. During that time I meet people from all over the world, form close friendships and relationships, and together we get in to all kinds of adventures.

“Buying an island” is an anecdote shared in the book that’s synonymous with taking your craziest, lifelong “dream goals” – whatever they might be, and installing a plan and system in place to making them happen.

The book is broken into four parts: Part 1 (Inner Game), Part 2 (Travel and Lifestyle Hacks), Part 3 (How to Start a Location-Independent “Lifestyle Business”), and Part 4 (Real-world case studies and models).

So if you’ve been dreaming of escape for a long time, this is the book for you. Get out there and see the world and maybe just maybe you can Buy Your Own Island and start your own country!

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