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DMZ Tour Part 12: Korean Souvenirs

As an atlas freak and a travel nomad, I have picked up a total addiction for collecting souvenirs. Not even in a normal way I’m afraid. For example, I keep a plastic flimsy (folder/poly pocket) for EVERY new place I visit, whether it be a country, city or even just a tour. If there’s enough Read more about DMZ Tour Part 12: Korean Souvenirs[…]

DMZ Tour Part 5: Imjingak

After Dorasan Station, it was time to visit an area known as Imjingak, a settlement right by “Freedom Bridge”, a bridge which links North Korea to South Korea (basically), but is not in use. We crossed the Imjin river on our tour bus and ended up at Imjingak, which to me seemed like a touristy Read more about DMZ Tour Part 5: Imjingak[…]