sigiriya lion rock sri lanka

Visiting and Climbing Sigiriya Lion Rock, Sri Lanka

A trip to the fantastic Sigiriya Lion Rock in Sri Lanka is something you should do if you happen to be in the central part of the country. We had stayed in Dambulla the previous night and done the sightseeing round there. Then it was timeto hit up Sigirya – Lion Rock. This is worth Read more about Visiting and Climbing Sigiriya Lion Rock, Sri Lanka[…]

Dambulla Sri Lanka

Sightseeing in Dambulla, Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan town of Dambulla is small yet offers some decent tourist options. The biggest tourist pull in this area is undoubtedly Sigirya, other wise known as Lion Rock. But Sigiriya is outside the town of Dambulla and merits a full post of it’s own at some point, first we headed to Dambulla. So Read more about Sightseeing in Dambulla, Sri Lanka[…]